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Denver Firefighter’s Union President Takes Blame for Racy Banquet

Foster says the buck stops with him

FirefighterNation Staff

DENVER – The fallout from a controversial fire department ball has extended to the Denver firefighter’s union according to The Denver Channel.

In an interview with Denver Firefighter’s Union 858 President Dave Foster, the leader apologized to outgoing fire chief Eric Tade.

Foster said that as the president of the union “the buck stops with me and I take the blame.”

Tade resigned after the opening act for the event included off color jokes about a sex toy that was auctioned at the event from the year before.

Tade said that he did not believe the union had let him down but that he would have preferred that the event not have happened in the way that it did.

In addition to apologizing, Foster also said that the union fired it’s public relations director who was the emcee at the event.