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Los Angeles Firefighters Describe High-Rise Rescue

“He was on that ledge a quarter of an inch,”

This image from video by Jenna Fabian shows a Los Angeles Fire Department firefighter on a ladder rescuing a man who had climbed out on the side of a 25-story high-rise apartment, escaping flames from a burning apartment balcony, after a fire broke out on a sixth-floor balcony and sent choking smoke billowing through the upper levels in West Los Angeles Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2020. (Courtesy of Jenna Fabian via AP)

FirefighterNation Staff

LOS ANGELES, California – Firefighters are talking about the dramatic rescue during last week’s high-rise fire.

Los Angeles Fire Department Firefighter David Gastelum told KABC “we went in with a risk versus gain policy of risk everything to save everything.”

Firefighter Garrett Boccarro said that the victim in the video had approximately a quarter inch to a half and inch of space to hold on to until firefighters were able to reach him.

The 30-year old man was reported on Thursday to still be in critical condition suffering from burns and smoke inhalation.

Firefighters said obstacles such as stairs and planters made it difficult for them to get their ladder truck close enough to rescue the man.

The cause of the fire has not been determined.