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Chicago Firefighter Shot During Auto Fire

Firefighter shot in lower leg

FirefighterNation Staff

CHICAGO – A Chicago firefighter was shot early Sunday morning while at the scene of an auto fire, according to department officials and the Chicago Sun Times.

Fire Commissioner Richard Ford II said that firefighters arrived at the 3300 block of West Wilson Avenue and began to extinguish an auto fire when they heard gunfire and took cover.

A 36-year old firefighter was hit in the leg. He was transported in fair condition to Illinois Medical Center.

At a press conference at the hospital Dr. Juan Santiago Gonzalez said the firefighter, who has been with the department for six year, suffered a single gunshot wound to the lower left leg.

The bullet went completely through and there was not additional damage.

Dr. Gonzalez said he expects the firefighter to make a full recovery.

Commissioner Ford said that he does not believe the firefighter was targeted in the shooting.

The shooting and the fire are under investigation.