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Video Captures Arkansas Fire Engine Crash

Surveillance video shows Greenwood crash


FirefighterNation Staff

GREENWOOD, Arkansas – Two firefighters walked away with only minor injuries after a crash involving their fire engine on January 20, according to KFSM.

Firefighters from the Greenwood Fire Department were responding to a gas leak when a roll of paper towels fell in front of the brakes and caused the driver to lose control of the fire engine.

Surveillance video from a business shows the fire engine coming to a spinning stop and nearly overturning.

Greenwood Fire Chief Stewart Bryant told KFSM that the part of the road the engine was travelling on doesn’t have a shoulder and the he believes that it was the front bumper that caught the ditch and brought the engine to a halt.

Chief Bryant said that while the department is down one fire engine, they will still have adequate coverage of their response area.

The damaged engine was intended to go to a new fire station in the future.

The department is working with its insurance company to determine if the engine can be repaired or replaced.