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Ohio Firefighters Fired Over Verbal, Physical Abuse

Three Orange Township firefighters fired

FirefighterNation Staff

ORANGE TOWNSHIP, Ohio – Three firefighters are without a job after being fired for verbally and physically abusing a part-time firefighter according to WSYX/WTTE.

Officials in Orange Township voted to accept recommendations from investigators on Monday.

Those terminated are Captain John Hodges; Lieutenant David Martin; and Firefighter/Paramedic Brad Belville.

Investigators says the acts of abuse occurred at Orange Township Fire Station 361.

The investigation began when a part-time firefighter requested a transfer. Interviews with firefighters revealed hazing and bullying was occurring against the part-time firefighter.

In the report it was stated that the firefighter was forced to carry a trash can around his neck and that he was verbally abused and called a f—— embarrassment, according to WSYX/WTTE.

It was also noted that the part-time firefighter was frequently hit in the groin area.

The investigation mentioned other firefighters wo took part in the hazing. Officials decided against firing a fourth firefighter.