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Massachusetts Firefighters Rescue Man Stuck in Snowblower

Lawrence man put his arm in the blower’s chute

FirefighterNation Staff

LAWRENCE, Massachusetts – Firefighters in Lawrence rescued a man whose arm became stuck in his snowblower Tuesday.

NECN reported Dave Johnson had his left arm caught in the snowblower after placing it inside the chute while clearing his driveway.

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“All I did was put my fingers, hand, down a little bit into the chute,” Johnson said. “Not the whole chute, just the top. And somehow, it sucked my elbow right in.”

Firefighters were able to take apart Johnson’s snowblower and free his arm.

Johnson received seven stitches to his hand.

While Johnson was at the hospital firefighters put the snowblower back together and finished clearing his driveway and dug out his wife’s car.