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Stockton Truck Work: Two-Story Board-Up

Helmet cam video from an abandoned structure fire

Stockton Fire History – On September 22nd, Stockton Firefighters responded to a 2 story, boarded-up building on fire in the area of American and Miner. Engine 2 arrived on scene and completed a 360 of the structure. Engine 2 determined that the first attack line should be applied to the rear of the structure, where an exterior stairwell was fully engulfed. The next-due Engine pulled an attack line to take interior, and awaited Truck 2 to arrive to handle forcible entry. Crews worked together quickly to advance the hose to the second story and begin fire attack. Truck 2 split their crew of four; two to the roof for vertical ventilation and two interior for search operations.

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This video capture is taken by the firefighter on Truck 2. He assists with forcible entry and getting the first interior line into place. He then searches the first floor with his captain, and advances to the second floor to search and pull ceiling. Crews on scene found the second floor essentially clear, with a full working attic fire in the cockloft.

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Firefighters worked to extinguish the fire within 20 minutes of the initial 9-1-1 call. Operations were conducted without incident or injury. Stockton Firefighters believe that an aggressive interior attack gives the best chance of protecting life and property. Extinguishing the fire quickly makes the emergency safer for everyone on scene.

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