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Video: California Firefighter Injured in Fall from Roof

Firefighter injured in evening live burn training

FirefighterNation Staff

CARMICHAEL, California – A firefighter was injured Thursday evening in a fall during a training event in Carmichael, according to KCRA.

The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Department was conducting an evening live burn exercise in a former Denny’s restaurant. Firefighters had spent several days preparing the building for the exercise and fire.

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The fire had begun at around 11:00 p.m. In the video below firefighters can be seen inside and outside, climbing onto the roof to perform vertical ventilation.

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As firefighting operations are underway, one firefighter can be seen climbing a ground ladder to the roof while another firefighter on the roof appears to steady the ladder. 

The firefighter climbing moves from the ladder to the roof and then falls.

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Captain Chris Vestal told KCRA that when the firefighter fell, the training exercise was halted while the firefighter was checked for injuries. 

Vestal said the firefighter was transported to a hospital and later released, cleared to return to work.