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Close B4 U Doze Video Winners

Police attend the scene of a violent incident at the Hermanni shopping centre in Kuopio, Finland, Tuesday Oct. 1, 2019. Finnish police say that a man with a knife has killed one person and wounded at least three others at a shopping center in central Finland. (Jaakko Vesterinen/Lehtikuva via AP)

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UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute

The votes have been cast and the reviews are in, congratulations to our grand prize winner, the “Close B4 U Doze” video created by North Carolina fire departments Greenville Fire/Rescue, Rocky Mount Fire Department and Wilson Fire/Rescue Services who will receive $25,000 for local fire safety education in the region!

The runner-up has received a $15,000 donation, and two videos tied for third place with the fire departments receiving $10,000:

First Place: Greenville Fire/Rescue, Rocky Mount Fire Department and Wilson Fire/Rescue in North Carolina, “Close B4 U Doze” video

Runner-Up: Coble Fire Department in Tennessee, “Close Before You Doze: Small Steps to Safety” video

Tied for Third: Omaha Fire Department in Nebraska, “Omaha Fire Department: Close Before You Doze” video

Tied for Third: La Plata Volunteer Fire Department in Maryland, “Flash Max Slams the Door on Home Fires” video

Four additional videos received honorable mentions and a $5,000 donation to their selected the fire departments:

Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services in Georgia, “CCFES Close Before You Doze” video

Amarillo Fire Department in Texas, “Close the Door” video

Countryside Fire Protection District in Illinois, “Countryside Fire” video

Johnston-Grimes Metropolitan Fire Department in Iowa, “Tame the Flame” video

Thanks to everyone who participated and shared their creative interpretations of this life-saving message, and everyone who voted to support fire departments across the country!

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