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Milwaukee Rope Rescue Saves Suicidal Person

MILWAUKEE (WISN) – A Milwaukee firefighter with the Heavy Urban Rescue Team saved a person Friday moments before they jumped from an eighth-story window. Ben Baus was lowered down from the 10th floor by a rope-pulley system and performed what’s called a “pick off,” grabbing the person as they were about to fall, then pulling them inside to safety.

Multiple people grabbed for the person’s limbs and as a team, dragged the person back inside through a window. The Milwaukee Urban Rescue Team trains for this situation daily but rarely performs it.

“These are the most humble guys on the job, hands down, so I’ll say it for them — that was the most amazing thing I’ve seen in my career,” Battalion Chief Erich Roden said. “I would say (the person) was probably within a few minutes of falling off the ledge in (their) condition.” MORE

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