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FDIC 2019 at the Stadium: Overcoming Common Engine Company Mistakes and Fireground Problems

Jason Rivera
New Haven (CT) Fire Department

Lucas Oil Stadium Meeting Room 10-12
Wednesday, April 10, 2019: 10:30 AM – 12:15 PM

The focus of this class is the most common mistakes and problems the instructor has experienced and seen on the fireground in his 25 years of service. Topics include the difference between a mistake and a problem; having a plan B; ways to overcome the common mistakes made and problems encountered on the fireground; and knowing the equipment carried on the engine–the hose size and length, load, and nozzle choices.

The presentation is conducted through a combination of lecture and discussion with students. There are numerous pictures and videos that illustrate and drive home the points that are being discussed. The class will offer discussion and debate recognizing there are many different ways of accomplishing the same task. Some topics will challenge the student to open their mind and realize that the way we have been doing things may not always be the best option. This class will capitalize on viewpoints from participants of diverse geographies, as can only be found at FDIC. Whether the student is an urban city firefighter, a firefighter in the suburbs or out in the more rural parts of the world, the topics discussed apply to all. Each learner will leave with an expanded toolbox of options for managing challenges on the fireground.

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