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Pennsylvania Fire Department’s Live-In Program Helps Reduce Response Times

JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (WJAC) – They’re the heroes in our community keeping us safe every day, volunteer firefighters. In this week’s Making a Difference, we visit the Richland Township Volunteer Fire Department to show you a unique program that’s been around since 1991. Some of the firemen live at the fire station, which creates faster response times and hands on training.

“We like to have our hose pack neat… Just a little bit of pride in what we do,” said Tim Meyers, who is a rescue lieutenant at the fire department, as he helped to fix the hose on their fire truck.

“We’ve done everything from cutting people out of cars, bringing people back from cardiac arrest, dragging people out of fires,” said Meyes. “We do rope rescues, we do medical calls, trees down, we see everything.” They’re always ready to rush toward danger to save lives. It’s a way of life for Meyers and his five brothers.

The fire station on Scalp Avenue in Richland Township is their home. They are part of the department’s ‘live in program’ that’s been around for nearly 3 decades.

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