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Stockton’s Mendocino Incident

Stockton Fire History – On the morning of February 6th, 1997, Stockton Firefighters were engaged in fire attack at a working structure fire at 26 West Mendocino. Firefighters committed to an aggressive interior attack upon reports of a possible victim inside. After extended suppression operations, the second story addition to the single family dwelling collapsed- trapping two Firefighters and a Captain under burning debris. The rescue effort required cribbing and hydraulic tools to move the extensive rubble. Crews were able to rescue Fire Captain Oscar Barrera and transport him to the hospital. Firefighters Bryan Jacob Golden & Brett Alan Laws, and resident Jesslyn Pearson Ambrogio perished in the fire and subsequent collapse. The Fallen are forever in our hearts and our prayers. The Stockton Fire Department would never be the same. 

In the late 1990’s, the fire-news production company titled ‘Working Fire’ traveled the country documenting news and information about the current fire service. Months after The Mendocino Incident and the investigation that followed; ‘Working Fire’ produced a documentary-style segment for nation consumption. This is that segment. StocktonFireHistory does not claim to own this segment, and it is only to be used as a learning tool to memorialize the sacrifice of the event. This is certainly not the place for comment trolling or arguments- and 

Stockton Fire History will delete any comment or response that does not give the respect this incident deserves. 

Thank you for watching, learning, remembering, memorializing, and paying your respects to our brothers. Never forget.

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