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O2X Brings Revolutionary Human Performance Program to Chicago Blackhawks Organization

O2X Brings Revolutionary Human Performance Program to Chicago Blackhawks Organization

O2X is a revolutionary program that is saving the lives of our nation’s heroes and maximizing human performance for tactical athletes and elite organizations. The company’s core mission is to provide science-backed, comprehensive training, and education so individuals and teams can achieve and sustain high levels of performance.  

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Unlike any other tactical athlete program, O2X focuses equal attention on both the mental and physical components of training. O2X develops and maximizes all-around human performance. The unique EAT SWEAT THRIVE curriculum delivers a systematic approach to making incremental changes that lead to major, long-term improvements in performance.

In its work with firefighters and other tactical athletes, O2X delivers concrete steps based on the latest cutting-edge research so tactical athletes can remain healthy and finish their careers as strong as they started. The company recently brought its unique, all-encompassing training curriculum to the 2017 Chicago Blackhawks prospect camp.

At Chicago Blackhawks prospect camp, O2X delivered a systematic approach to player performance in all of the following areas: development and growth of core values; mental performance and readiness; sleep and performance; yoga and movement; player accountability, debriefing, and communication; and building resilience.

“I am going to use my visualization skills for developing strategies for optimal and sub-par performances so that I am ready for whatever happens,” says one prospect player who attended the O2X sessions.

With the help of O2X’s world class program, the Chicago Blackhawks organization is revolutionizing its training and making maximizing human performance a priority for players at all stages of their careers.

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