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Minnesota DPS Unveils New Firefighter Training Trailers

MNPDS – Minnesota firefighters put on a live demonstration showing the valuable and life-saving skills they can practice with three new State Fire Marshal “training trailers” now available to Minnesota fire departments.

The demonstration focused on forcible entry, roof ventilation, chimney ventilation and firefighter bailout. These trailers help ensure the state’s 20,000-plus firefighters have the training they need to save lives.

Firefighters need to be prepared for everything from venting a roof to forcing a front door to properly ventilating a room from the outside should one of their own become trapped.

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Properly teaching and refreshing those skills can be difficult and costly, especially in rural Minnesota and at smaller departments without training facilities.

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The Minnesota Department of Public Safety State Fire Marshal Division partners with MnSCU so fire departments can sign up to have an instructor and the versatile and mobile trailers travel to their city.