Hoseline Burn-Through Survey

Below is a brief introduction to a survey from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Your input is needed to help them as they begin to create data that be used in the design of a fire-resistant attack hose. Take the time to complete the survey and help improve your own safety and the safety of other firefighters. If you or your department has experienced a burn-through of a fire attack hose, please contribute to the improvement of fire fighter safety by filling out the brief survey below.  Researchers at WPI are creating the first and only publically available, searchable data base which tracks burn-through’s across the US.  This project is funded by The Last Call Foundation which was established in memory of fallen fire fighter Michael Kennedy.

Thank you for participating in our short, 5 minute survey. We are collecting this information to create the first national database on fire attack hose burn-throughs. The creation of a searchable database of actual events will provide information on the frequency and causes of burn-throughs, will provide information useful for the design of a more fire-resistant attack hose, and will ultimately improve firefighter safety.”

WPI: Fire Attack Hose Burn-Through Survey

Thank you


Research Foundation Created in Memory of Boston Firefighter

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