USFA: Don’t Make These Common Grant Request Mistakes

Application errors lower your chances of being awarded an Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG). Make sure these common mistakes don’t make their way into your application.

  • Requesting Ineligible Items

In order to make it through the application review process, your funding request must match the funding priorities, as described in the FY11 AFG Program Guidance. For example, wellness and fitness programs are not eligible for regional project hosts. An application would be denied due to such an error.

  • Requesting Lower Priority Items

The more consistent your request is with the highest priority items, as described in the FY11 AFG Program Guidance, the better your application will fare.

  • Failing to Meet Standards

Requesting any item that does not result in state or national certification, or comply with recognized standards, may lower your application’s evaluation score. For more information on national standards, visit www.nfpa.org/nfpaafg2011.

  • Requesting Upgrades Before Basics

AFG is designed to assist eligible organizations with the greatest need. Therefore, higher ratings are given to those attempting to fulfill basic firefighting or training requirements, as described in the FY11 AFG Program Guidance. For example, a department requesting SCBA to replace gear made before 2002 will score higher than a department requesting to replace a newer version.