New 9/11 Documentary Focuses on Ground Zero’s Responders

Thousands of strangers came together as a team after the towers fell on 9/11/01. Now, on the 10th anniversary of New York City’s darkest day, these brave men and women emerge to tell the story of commitment and compassion in the face of devastation.

As the 10th Anniversary of the World Trade Center Attacks approaches, a firefighter/filmmaker releases a unique documentary tribute which focuses on the men and women who began their work immediately following the collapses of the twin towers. The film, “Ground Zero’s Responders,” is one of the few to cover the rescue and recovery effort—after the towers fell.

Serving in a dual role as a firefighter and documentarian, Lou Angeli worked with rescue teams filming their tedious work for 16 straight nights and days. His footage depicts the surreal sights and sounds of the disaster zone that had become off limits to news cameras and press. It’s a scene very few have seen because most of Angeli’s Ground Zero footage has never been released…until now.

Within minutes of the World Trade Center collapse on 9/11/01, emergency personnel and volunteers from around the nation responded to New York’s call for help in what is considered by many as the greatest rescue mission ever undertaken on American soil.

“When everything could have totally fallen apart,’ Angeli says, ‘these remarkable people revealed to the rest of the world the true meaning of the American Spirit.”

“Ground Zero’s Responders” is the heartfelt chronicle of the thousands of emergency personnel, on and off-duty, who served at the most horrible disaster imaginable. Interviews with emergency responders and support volunteers reveal untold facets of the rescue mission and the support operation that kept the wheels turning at Ground Zero.

Angeli views “Ground Zero’s Responders” as an historical piece. “Our recollection of that day and the heroes who served so gallantly is fading,” The filmmaker reminds us. “We need to rejuvenate that spirit by remembering the sacrifice of these men and women, who left family and home to assist fellow Americans in crisis.”

Before its general release on 9/10/11, the film will be previewed in New York City by a very special audience – the men and women who are Ground Zero’s Responders.

Copies of the film are available upon request. The filmmaker, Lou Angeli, is available for interviews, as a talk show guest or subject matter expert.