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Videos: Queens Two-Alarm Fire and Mayday

Buffs on the scene in Queens at a two-alarm fire for Box 8539.

Mayday at Queens Apartment Fire, Firefighter Seriously Injured

A firefighter was seriously injured in a fall while fighting a house fire in Woodhaven, Queens.

Detroit to Work with Local Union and IAFF on Drunk Driving

Two incidents of drunk driving while on duty have occurred within the Detroit Fire Department.

FDNY Responds to Collapse in Queens

A wall and roof collapse, causing a small release of natural gas, at a Best Buy storage facility.

Six Rescued in San Francisco Fire

Firefighters rescued six people from a burning home in San Francisco's Outer Mission neighborhood.

Mayday During Three-Alarm Fire in Boston

A Boston firefighter was injured in a collapse while fighting a fire in Roxbury.

Cleveland, Ohio Box Alarm

Cleveland firefighters fight a fire in an occupied house on Albers Avenue.

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Photo Gallery: Compton, California Blaze

Firefighters battle a fire at a commercial yard in Compton, California.

Line of Duty Deaths