FDIC 2017: How to Avoid Being Lost in the Fog of the Fireground

A video preview of what to expect at FDIC 2017.

Mayday at Cambridge Fire

A mayday was transmitted during a multiple-alarm apartment fire in Cambridge, Mass.

Details Released in Death of Philadelphia Firefighter

Report lists several contributing factors in the death of a career firefighter inside a residential structure fire.

NIOSH LODD Report: Philadelphia Firefighter Dies in Structure Fire

Report lists several contributing factors in the death of a career firefighter inside a residential structure fire.

Indianapolis Medics Train to Deal with Drug-Induced Assaults

Review of workplace injuries and a survey of personnel lead to training for medics.

FDIC 2017: Nozzle Forward

Suppression is the product of several factors, the most important of which are fire behavior and using hose in context to the fire.

NIOSH LODD Report: Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

2013 blast killed 9 volunteer firefighters and injured an off-duty captain.

NIOSH LODD Report: Virginia Firefighter Killed in Wind Driven Fire

2008 fire was the first LODD in the department’s 41-year history.

2013 Boston Marathon Bombings After Action Report

Lessons learned and best practices from various agencies involved in responding to the terror bombings.

FDIC 2017: Top 20 Tactical Considerations From Firefighter Research

Over the past several years, the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute has been working with the fire service to examine fire dynamics and firefighting tactics.

NIOSH LODD Report: Colorado Firefighter Falls Through Roof

Truck 8 engineer stepped onto a translucent corrugated roof panel, which cracked under his weight.

Downed Firefighter Training

Sacramento Truck 17 training on Down Firefighter CPR

Passaic, NJ Five-Alarm Fire

Heavy fire in a commercial structure

Fire Engineering Humpday Hangout: Toothpick Construction

This week we discuss fires in large wood frame apartments under construction. Sponsored by Key Hose.

FDIC 2017: 10 Commandments for the Company Officer

A video preview of what to expect

FDIC 2017: The Long and Short of Engine Work

A video preview of what to expect

Mass Shootings Shape Virginia EMS Response

Past shootings have led to a review and restructuring of how fire and EMS responds into the scene with law enforcement.

Today’s Firefighting PPE Issues

Sponsored by TenCate Protective Fabrics

FLIR Announces Educational Resource, “FLIR PRIMED” for CBRNE and HAZMAT Responders

FLIR PRIMED – Prepare, Recognize, Input, Monitor, Experience, Decision

Fighting Fires from the Unburned Side

Several theories have advocated the tactic of fighting fires from the unburned side. 


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