FDIC 2018: 21st Century Command

The complexity of today's fireground--including fire behavior, building construction, task saturation, and a lack of operational experience--necessitate innovative strategies for managing incidents.

FDIC 2018 Event Guide

Plan your time at the world’s largest fire service event.

Cincinnati PPE Decon

PPE decon and Wear Your Air training from the Cincinnati Fire Department.

FDIC 2018: Rethinking Rural Water Supplies

Is it time to rethink your rural water supply operations? Are you putting more effort into shuttling water to a fire than putting out the fire? Do you find that you are running out of water at the most inopportune times at your fires?

FDIC 2018: Agricultural Rescue

The focus is on farm and agricultural emergencies and the specialized knowledge and skill responders need to effectively and safely respond to and manage these varied emergencies.

FDIC 2018: Fire Officer’s Guide for Today’s Buildings on Fire

Insights on building construction for today’s fire service, the primary objective of this program is to increase awareness and understandings and promote new skill sets in the fundamentals of building construction, architecture, engineering and design that directly impact firefighting and command operations at structure fires.

Water Supply Operations

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, Bill Gustin, Mike Dugan, and the rest of the crew will talk water supply operations with special guest Paul Shapiro.

The Burn Building Limits

David Rhodes looks at how burn buildings are a great place to practice the mechanics and get repetitions in for tactics training but are not the place to develop the tactics. 

Truck Company Operations Without the Truck, Part II

In Part 2 of "Truck Company Operations Without the Truck", we will look at putting it all together for that company operating as a ladder company.  Those decisions have to be made to do ladder work for rescue or support of the attack.

On the Line

We begin every shift with confirmation that our equipment is ready for use. Greg Lindsay looks at an event where equipment maintenance is an issue and leads to problems. 

Firefighter Safety: Barrie, Canada Personnel Decon

Take a look at how Barrie Fire & Emergency does fireground decontamination.

FDIC International 2018 – Are You Ready?

Join 34,000 firefighters in Indianapolis this April for a world class conference & exhibition that will change your life.

The FDIC Experience

Reserve your spot before H.O.T. Evolutions and Workshops sell out!

FDIC International 2018 Preview

Join Steve Pegram, Aaron Heller, and Brad French and guests as they discuss the must-see and must-do events at FDIC International 2018. 

Aerial Operations 101 and Training Tips for the Truck Crew

We will review some of the most common misunderstood concepts of aerial operations: tip loads vs. distributed load, stabilization issues, override and emergency lowering procedures.

UL FSRI and ISFSI Release Report: Understanding and Fighting Basement Fires

This study went beyond earlier research by increasing the size of the basement and incorporating three different ventilation and access conditions to the basement. 

The Firehouse Environment and Morale

More specifically, how positive moral impacts training, how positive training impacts and creates aggressive safe foreground operations, and how it impacts training and safe operations.

Colorado Dive Team Skills Test

We have several special teams at West Metro and firefighters who are members of those teams must keep up their skills and be tested on what they know every year.

NFPA 3000: Reviewing the Proposed Standard on Active Shooter

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is advancing a standard on interagency response to active shooter situations that is targeted for release in April 2018. Steve Hamilton and John Montes of the NFPA will discuss the standard and its concept of a community-based approach to these types of incidents.

Assessment Centers

Anthony Kastros introduces his column on assessment centers and how to prepare for the job you want.

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