LODD Anniversary: Collapse Kills Massachusetts Firefighter

On December 8, 2011, a 43-year-old male career fire fighter received fatal injuries when he was trapped under falling debris during a partial collapse at the rear of a three-story residential structure.

UL FSRI Releases Part III of the Fire Attack Study: Full Scale Experiments

This report details the results and analysis from 26 full-scale structure fire experiments looking to quantify the differences in interior and transitional fire attack.

FDIC 2018 Preview: All Things Engine

Video preview of a FDIC 2018 presentation.

10 Things Every Training Chief Should Know

Join the discussion about what training officers need to know before teaching.

UL FSRI Releases Part II of the Fire Attack Study: Air Entrainment

This report and associated online training detail the results and analysis from the air entrainment testing. These tests were conducted without the presence of fire, to gain a fundamental understanding of how hose streams entrain air.

UL FSRI Releases Part I of the Fire Attack Study: Water Mapping

This report and associated online training detail the results and analysis from a series of experiments, using fire service hose streams, conducted without the presence of fire, to gain a fundamental understanding of water distribution within a compartment.

Class A Foam: Applications for Structural and Wildland Firefighting

This discussion will cover the properties, applications and benefits of using Class A foam while performing wildland or structural fire suppression during all phases of the response.

Fire Department Profile: Colorado Dive Team

A brief look at dive team training with West Metro Fire Rescue.

NIOSH LODD Report: South Dakota Firefighter Killed in Structure Fire Collapse

The third fire fighter on the line yelled to get out, then the other two fire fighters heard a loud explosion.

FDIC 2018 Preview: RV Fires, The Hidden Dangers for Firefighters

Video preview of a FDIC 2018 presentation

Dealing with Difficult People and Their Organizational Impacts

Students are presented with ideas on how to improve engagement of the negative workforce and are given the motivation to achieve this. The webcast speaks loudly of the expectations placed on firefighters and asks who they want coming to their door.

Community Firehouses as Summer Internship Sites

We are in the community service industry.  It takes individuals to build and sustain that community.  

Status of the ISFSI/FSRI Partner Project

Join UL FSRI Staff and ISFSI members as they discuss the status of the ISFSI/FSRI partner project on basement fires.

The "Yers"

Anthony Correia looks at millennials from a Morris Massey perspective.

U.S., China Conduct Joint Rescue Training

Natural disaster response exercise in Oregon brings together soldiers from both nations.

Tactical and Political Leadership

Billy Goldfeder joins the discussion on leadership that affects personnel safety.

Firefighter Training: Tunnel Fire and Extrication

Firefighters train through various scenarios inside the Leutenbach tunnel in Germany.

Incident Command

Jason Hoevelmann examines strategies for finding success on and off the fireground.  

Health In, Health Out – Best Practices for Reducing Exposures to Carcinogens

This Webcast identifies best safety and healthy practices covering equipment, guidelines, and common sense practices to reduce firefighter exposure to carcinogens.

FDIC 2018 Preview: What’s Hiding Behind the Walls?

Video preview of a FDIC 2018 presentation

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