Rookie Officers Rescue Two in Queens House Fire

Woman and grandson saved from fire by new NYPD officers.

New York Factory Worker Pinned in Industrial Mixer

Hicksville worker critically injured after being caught in spice factory’s industrial mixer.

Residents Unaware of Honolulu Apartment Fire

Several residents of the Marco Polo high-rise did not know there was a fire until they saw firefighters.

Three Dead in Virginia Senior Center Fire

Three of five buildings in Chesapeake complex burned in early morning fire.

Washington, PA Building Collapse

Collapse involved a three-story mixed occupancy building.

Indianapolis Firefighters Rescue Two Kayakers in Distress on White River

On Sunday, July 9, Indianapolis firefighters responded to a call involving two veteran kayakers who got into trouble on the White River.

Sarasota Firefighters Perform High-Rise Rescue

Firefighters rescue worker trapped on malfunctioning scaffolding.

Training Minutes: Victim's Arm Pinned Under Vehicle

In this new Training Minutes video on vehicle extrication, Steve White and other members of the Advanced Rescue Solutions team show a method for extrication a patient whose arm is trapped underneath a vehicle that has rolled on its side.

FDNY Rescues Man Inside Toppled Safe

Firefighters rescue a man pinned inside a safe in Brooklyn.

Crane Operator Saves Worker in Fire

Dramatic rescue at a construction site fire in Denmark.

Firefighters Search for People Trapped in Collapse in Italy

Firefighters search for several people believed trapped in collapse of apartment building.

New Video of 2013 San Francisco Airliner Crash

Three killed and 200 injured in Asiana Airlines crash.

FDNY Rescues Workers Over 200 Feet Below Ground

Complex rope rescue operation takes place at Con Ed plant in Brooklyn.

Illinois Teen Rescued Near Dam

Elgin firefighters rescue teen holding onto buoy after Jet Ski stalls.

Rescues at Bronx Fire

Several people were injured in an apartment fire in the Hunts Point neighborhood.

Video: Hotshots Rescue Fawns in Arizona Wildfire

Forest Service video shows rescue in Prescott National Forest.

30 Injured, 18 Dead in Fiery Bus Crash in Germany

Bus carrying senior citizens rear-ended a truck on a highway in Bavaria.

Scaling Ladder Rescue in Paris

Five people were rescued during an apartment fire.

Video: Man Rescued from Raging California River

RENO, Nev. (AP) — A Nevada man is safe after helicopter rescuers plucked him from a rock surrounded by swift-moving water above a nearly 50-foot waterfall in California.


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