Texas Firefighter and Rancher Work to Save Passenger on Stricken Southwest Flight

By at least one passenger's account, half her body was outside the plane.

Helmet Cam: Rescue at Virginia House Fire

Helmet cam compilation shows the rescue of an occupant in a Staunton, Virginia house fire.

Las Vegas Water Rescue

Firefighters rescue two people after car goes into lake.

Training Minutes: Elevator Rescue: Freight Doors

In a new segment of Training Minutes on elevator rescue, Mike Dragonetti reviews two methods of overcoming a door lock to biparting freight doors on elevators.

Phoenix Firefighters Rescue Horse from Wrecked Trailer

Fire crews in Arizona's largest city used the "Jaws of Life" in a desperate effort to free an injured horse discovered inside an abandoned trailer Saturday. The Phoenix Fire Department said the horse was found trapped upside-down, with its head on the ground behind the trailer hitch.

Houston Firefighters Rescue Man in House Fire

Firefighters rescued one man from a heavy blaze and resuscitated another man who escaped the fire Thursday morning in Frenchtown.

FDNY: Man Under Train

FDNY rescues a man pinned under a subway train in Manhattan.

Maryland Firefighter Saves Suicidal Man from Jumping Off Bridge

An off-duty Howard County firefighter risked his life to save another on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.


Georgia Firefighter Named FDIC 2018 Ray Downey Courage and Valor Award Recipient

Firefighter Brown went above and beyond the call of duty. He was picked for a mission that was unknown until his arrival.

Rescue Attempt at Pennsylvania Row Fire

Another view of the Jeanette City rowhouse fire.

Daring Rescue in Queens, NY Fire

Family of four rescued from an illegal third-floor apartment.

Rescues at Maryland Townhouse Fire

Firegroud video and audio of the rescue of occupants in a Lexington Park townhouse fire.

Girls Jump to Escape New Jersey Dance Studio Fire

Several girls jumped from a balcony as their Edgewater dance studio burned.

Firefighting: Rescue Attempt at Pennsylvania Row Fire

Jeannette City firefighters try to rescue an occupant as fire rips through several homes.


Multiple Rescues in Kansas Apartment Fire

11 people were rescued during an apartment fire in Overland Park, Kansas.

Indianapolis Firefighter Rescued After Being Swept Away by Floodwaters

An Indianapolis firefighter was rescued by two Indiana Conservation Officers when he was left clinging to a tree branch in frigid floodwaters after his car had been washed away by the swift water.

Training Minutes: Hoarder Vehicle Extrication

In this Training Minutes video, John Simpson and company perform a dash roll-up on a hoarder vehicle and discuss some of the potential special problems presented by vehicles of this kind.

D.C. Firefighters Save Three in House Fire

Wheelchair-bound woman among those rescued in house fire.

Five Dead after Car Plunges off California’s Coastal Highway

The vehicle landed on its roof on a large rock, killing all five.

California Helicopter Rescue

Man fell nearly 100 feet off University Heights cliff.

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