Auto Extrication: California Pin Job

Two vehicle collision with entrapment in Riverside County.

Prankster Cements Head Inside Microwave

YouTube prank goes wrong and nearly suffocates man in stunt.

Training Minutes: Rescuing a Firefighter Who Has Fallen Through the Floor

In this Training Minutes video, Paul DeBartolomeo and company demonstrate a method for rescuing a down firefighter who has fallen through the floor.

FDIC 2018 Preview: Man vs. Machinery

Video preview of a FDIC 2018 presentation 

Chicago Woman Critically Injured, Trapped in Fence

Paramedics found the woman with her head trapped between the bars of a fence. 

Nation’s Worst Nightclub Fire Influences Safety Codes, Burn Care

While no one knows exactly how the fire started, its influence on fire and safety codes and on the medical treatment of burn victims still resonates.

AP Reporter Recalls Cocoanut Grove Nightclub Fire

The result was what still stands today as the nation's deadliest nightclub fire.

Philadelphia Firefighters Rescue Man Pinned in Trash Truck

Philadelphia firefighters rescued a man trapped in the compactor section of a garbage truck.

Fire Apparatus: Rescue 50 Accident Response

Rescue 50 assists Station 54 with a motor vehicle accident.

Four Injured in Medical Plane Crash in Maine

Plane engine caught fire shortly after taking off from Northern Maine Regional Airport.

Neighbors Rush to Pennsylvania Senior Community Fire

Neighbors helped move elderly residents from firefighters to medics during West Chester blaze.

Pennsylvania Senior Facility Fire Under Control

Several residents evacuated as fire swept through a senior living facility in West Chester.

Several Injured in Pennsylvania Senior Community Fire

Large fire spreads fast through the Barclay Friends Senior Living Community in West Chester, Pa.

Maryland Firefighters Injured in House Fire Rescues

Prince George’s County firefighters were burned while rescuing two occupants from a burning house.

Rescuers Search Debris in Tragic Iran-Iraq Earthquake

Magnitude 7.3 earthquake along the border has killed 430 people and injured thousands.

Missouri Firefighters Recognized for Rescue

Three Clayton firefighters received an honorable citation for rescuing a fire victim.

Hundreds Dead in Earthquake Along Iran-Iraq Border

Over 340 killed and thousands injured after a magnitude 7.3 earthquake hit Sarpol-e-Zahab.

Richmond Firefighters Recognized for House Fire Rescue

Annual ceremony recognized firefighters and police officer with valor awards.

FDIC 2018 Preview: Residential Primary Search, Making the Grab

Video preview of a FDIC 2018 HOT class

At Least Two Dead in Russian Building Collapse

Blasts in Russia are common where bottled gas if often used for cooking at home.

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