LAFD Rescues Four Children in House Fire

Firefighter forces entry into the rear of the burning house and begins to remove children before conditions inside worsen.

Florida Firefighter in Critical Condition in Fatal Manhole Rescue

Three workers are dead and a Key Largo firefighter is in critical condition after a manhole rescue.

Cargo Plane Crash Kills Over 30 in Kyrgyzstan

Turkish Boeing 747 cargo plane crashed in residential area near Bishkek.

Three-Diver Rotation

Scott Huff examines strategies for protecting public safety divers while they work to protect others. 

Confined Space Rescue: Body Recovery vs. 'Buddy' Recovery

Greg Hewin discusses the danger to the team and mission when a confined space recovery operation gets too personal.

Children Unaccounted for in Baltimore Fire

Six Children Presumed Dead in Baltimore Fire

Six children are presumed dead after an early morning house fire that injured four occupants.

Illinois Firefighters Rescue Girl Trapped in Abandoned Prison

Teen girls exploring abandoned prison face trespassing charges.     

New Jersey Firefighting Mayor Rescues Woman in House Fire

Paulsboro Mayor Gary Stevenson stopped at a house fire while on the way to the state of the state address.

California Storms Cause Evacuations and Rescues

Thousands evacuate homes in several areas due to flooding.

Kalamazoo Apartment Fire, Rescue Video

Dramatic seventh floor rescue caught on video

Hilton Head Firefighters Describe Condo Fire Rescue

Hilton Head firefighters talk about condo fire and the rescue of elderly man trapped on burning balcony.

Winter Storm Causes Flooding Evacuation in Nevada

Hundreds of homes evacuated in Reno.

Train in Brooklyn Crash Traveling Twice the Speed Limit

Official says commuter train erratically changed speeds before crash.

Thursday Throwback: Rescues over Ladders in Boston

Fourduce1 video from a two-alarm fire in Roxbury on January 1, 1997

Investigation Begins in New York City Train Derailment

NTSB looks into why a commuter train crashed at the end of the platform at a Brooklyn station.

Over 100 Injured in NYC Train Derailment

Over 100 injured after commuter train derails at Brooklyn station

Over 20 Dead in Jakarta Ferry Fire

Over 20 Dead in Jakarta Ferry Fire

Ferry carrying over 260 people burns off the coast of Jakarta.

NIOSH LODD Report: Oklahoma Storm Drain Rescue

Captain swept into underground drain during flooding

Cave Rescue Capabilities

Are cave rescues just confined spaces?

Arizona Firefighters Pull Man from Hoarder Fire

Hoarding conditions hamper Glendale firefighter during a house fire rescue.


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