Colorado Firefighter Saves Coworker on First Day of Work

He was about to joke about how his fellow firefighter could fall asleep when they were minutes from the station, when Vogt realized he was drooling and didn't have a pulse.

Cincinnati Firefighters Use Ground Ladder for Extrication

On the evening of Thursday, February 1st, the Cincinnati (OH) Fire Department responded to a motor vehicle accident with reported injuries. Members used skills they learned in a P.L. Vulcan Training Concepts class to help free a pinned victim.

Rescuers Save Climbers on Oregon’s Mount Hood

One climber fell to his death and several others had to be rescued after conditions turned treacherous on Oregon's tallest peak.

Training Minutes: UAVs for USAR

In this new Training Minutes video, Walt Lewis discusses the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, a.k.a. drones) in urban search and rescue (USAR) operations.

Surviving a Mayday

The crew from Providence Fire Department Special Hazards shares how training and instinct led them to survival.

19 Killed in Hong Kong Bus Crash

A double-decker bus lost control and crashed in a Hong Kong suburb on Saturday evening, killing 19 people and injuring dozens more, authorities in the southern Chinese city said.

Three Dead in Grand Canyon Helicopter Crash

Four survivors of a deadly tour helicopter crash onto the jagged rocks of the Grand Canyon were being treated at a Nevada hospital while crews tackled difficult terrain in a remote area to try to recover the bodies of three other people.

Tulsa Firefighters Rescue Dog Stranded on Ice

TULSA -- First responders worked to rescue a dog from a frozen pond on Wednesday morning. It happened near 31st and Mingo. The Tulsa Fire Department responded to a dog stranded on ice in Mingo Creek, 3157 South 93rd East Ave around 10:45am.

Hope of Finding Survivors in Taiwan Earthquake Fades

Hopes of finding additional survivors from this week's earthquake in Taiwan were fading Friday after two more bodies were found in a partially collapsed hotel and no signs detected of a missing family of five.

Florida Firefighters Rescue Boy in Toy Machine

When a young Florida boy wanted a stuffed toy, he crawled inside a claw-style vending machine in the play area of a restaurant to fetch one. And, he got stuck inside the glass-encased structure.

Rescuers Continue Searches in Taiwan Earthquake

Workers placed steel beams to stabilize a dangerously tilted building while rescuers on the other side tried to pull survivors to safety Thursday, more than a day after an earthquake shook Taiwan's east coast, killing at least nine people.

Six Dead, Over 80 Missing in Taiwan Earthquake

Rescuers were working Wednesday to try to reach people who were trapped after a strong earthquake near Taiwan's east coast caused several buildings to cave in and tilt dangerously. At least six people were killed and 88 missing in the quake.

Deadly Earthquake Strikes Taiwan’s Coast

The Central News Agency reported that the ground floor of the Marshal Hotel in Hualien county had caved in, causing the deaths of the two employees.

Several Injured in California Multi-Vehicle Crash, Fire

A dump truck plowed through a California intersection slamming into other vehicles that caught fire.

RIT Sent for Firefighters Trapped in Massachusetts Blaze

Mayday called during apartment house fire in Leominster

Fender Unlock: A New Extrication Concept Using Current Tool Evolutions

Dave Dalrymple unveils a new approach incorporating existing vehicle extrication methodologies so rescuers can assess patient needs more quickly at motor vehicle accidents.

Providence Firefighters Recall Being Trapped in Blaze

Collapse during fire traps two Providence firefighters

Lawsuit: IL Firefighters Unknowingly Handled Hazmat

Barrington officials are suing a Canadian trucking company over the cleanup of a chemical spill last year, alleging firefighters unwittingly handled a hazardous chemical that damaged their equipment after being told the material was vegetable oil. The spill happened shortly after 11:30 p.m. March 7, when a semitrailer belonging to Xan Systems Inc.
11 Dead in Japan Group Home Fire

11 Dead in Fire at Japan Welfare Home

The three-story building was a "quite old" former inn rented by the operator of the "Social Heim" facility and did not have sprinklers, which were not required, fire department official Hiroyuki Sato said.

Jersey City Firefighters Rescue Infant, Man in Fire

Firefighters in Jersey City are being hailed as heroes for their role in saving the life of an infant caught in a burning building. 

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