Fire Prevention and Education

London Police Look at Criminal Charges in High-Rise Fire Tragedy

Police are studying 31 million documents and 2,500 exhibits

Kansas City Fire Department Receives ISO 1 Rating

Department received its first Class 1 ISO rating in the department's history.

Unfinished Business

Philip Schaenman looks at questions that need to be answered for improved community risk reduction, better budgets, and a safer fire service.

Gatlinburg Rebounds from Wildfires, Cautious of the Future

Devastating fires could become the “new normal.”

Construction Concerns: Sprinkler Head Flex Drops

Greg Havel reviews some details on the features of automatic fire sprinkler systems. 

Oakland Warehouse Fire Anniversary Focuses Attention on Prevention

Oakland works to improve inspections, records, and communication after deadly blaze.

Anaheim CARES Unit

Jim Crawford presents a case study of a medical response vehicle in Anaheim, California, that has measurably reduced risk for the community with changes to the emergency response capabilities. 

Nation’s Worst Nightclub Fire Influences Safety Codes, Burn Care

While no one knows exactly how the fire started, its influence on fire and safety codes and on the medical treatment of burn victims still resonates.

AP Reporter Recalls Cocoanut Grove Nightclub Fire

The result was what still stands today as the nation's deadliest nightclub fire.

Failed Inspection Adds to Maine High-Rise Troubles

19 violations discovered inside a Portland high-rise building.

Fire Sprinklers Failed to Activate at Idaho Nursing Home Fire

Investigators are looking into the possibility of an exemption for the attic of the Pocatello nursing home.

City of Midland (TX) Fire Department: Taking an Active Role in Community Risk Reduction

What better way to attract young families within the community than to involve their children and one of their favorite holidays, Halloween? Aaron Cox talks about the evolution of a community risk reduction program in Midland, Texas.

Three Firefighters Injured Battling Fire in Abandoned Indianapolis (IN) Residence

Three firefighters were injured during a recent working fire at an abandoned double residence in Indianapolis, Indiana. Read more about the incident courtesy of Rita Reith.

Construction Concerns: Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless gas that is the product of incomplete combustion of carbon-based fuels. Greg Havel on what CO hazards firefighters might need to worry about when responding to construction sites.

Time Well Spent in the District

David DeStefano writes that firefighters must not overlook one of the most important aspects of maintaining safe and efficient firefighting operations: the institutional knowledge of your first-due area.

Construction Eyed in New Canaan (CT) Basement Fire

A dog and an electronic fire alarm system system combined to alert homeowners at 50 Hemlock Hill Road early Tuesday morning that a fire was burning in their basement. New Canaan Fire Department was called to the residence, firefighters found a small fire burning, and they extinguished it with minimal damage, according to Fire Marshal Fred Baker.

Construction Concerns: Silica

Silica can be found almost anywhere on our world, as particles ranging in sizes from large rocks to sand grains to microscopic particles. Greg Havel looks at what this construction material ingredient may mean for firefighter health.

Humpday Hangout: Sprinkler Systems

Join the panel in this Humpday Hangout as they examine why a sprinkler system is no guarantee a building won’t be destroyed by fire or have a fire-related fatality.

Firefighting Operations: Sprinkler Systems

Join the panel as they examine why a sprinkler system is no guarantee a building won’t be destroyed by fire or have a fire-related fatality. They will each share their most memorable fires in sprinklered buildings.

Detroit to Replace Annual Anti-Arson Effort with Celebration

Three decades of work have drastically reduced the number of fires.

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