Fire Prevention and Education



Introducing women to the fire service.

Sugar Creek (IN) Firefighters Respond to Fire in Modular Home

Firefighters with the Sugar Creek Fire Department responded to this recent structure fire in West Terre Haute, Indiana. See photos by Amy Fulk.

Construction Concerns: Shotcrete

In this new column on building construction details for firefighters, Greg Havel looks at another method used for placing concrete at construction sites.

Interim Report Released on Devastating Grenfell Tower Fire

A report prepared as part of the police investigation into the Grenfell Tower fire has uncovered calamitous deficiencies in the installation of the windows, cavity barriers and cladding system, and their failure to meet building regulations. The 210-page interim document, by fire investigation experts BRE Global, is set to dramatically assist the Metropolitan police in their wide-ranging investigation.

Woman Dies in Maryland House Fire

Firefighters were alerted that the lone occupant was possibly still inside.

A New Educational Strategy

Jim Crawford looks at how virtual reality can teach the public how to survive and prevent fire events. 

Trump Tower Fire Highlights Code Exceptions

Donald Trump once spoke out against the sprinkler requirement but later changed his view.

Construction Concerns: Double Flitch-Plate Girders

Greg Havel offers details on another building construction feature that may warrant concern during preincident planning for fire incidents.

Victims of Deadly Russian Mall Fire Laid to Rest

The Siberian city of Kemerovo is burying some of the victims of Sunday's shopping mall fire that killed 64 people, many of them children.

Russia Mourns Victims of Deadly Shopping Mall Fire

Investigators identified a short circuit as a possible cause and said the emergency exits were locked shut, hampering an evacuation. Some of the victims, many of them young children, died inside a locked movie theater.

Arizona Begins Wildfire Prevention Marketing Campaign

State officials are conducting a weeklong marketing campaign aimed at promote fire prevention.

Thousands of Russians Rally after Deadly Shopping Mall Fire

Thousands of angry and distraught Russians rallied Tuesday in a Siberian city to demand a full probe into a shopping mall fire that killed at least 64 people, many of them children.

California Utility to Cut Power in Grave Fire Risk Areas

California's Pacific Gas & Electric Co. will start switching off power to minimize sparks in vulnerable areas during times of extreme fire danger.

Cross-Laminated Wood Panel Fails During Construction in OR

CORVALLIS -- Construction on portions of the new College of Forestry building at Oregon State University has been halted after a large section of subflooring made of cross-laminated timber gave way between the second and third stories. University spokesman Steve Clark said no one was injured in the March 14 incident at Peavy Hall, the Corvallis Gazette-Times reported.

Does CRR Really Matter?

Dave Donohue looks at whether community risk reduction really matters.

Construction Concerns: Languagesasdctfzcuwceyzavzswystusafstsdecawyedu

Construction signs in multiple languages can be a clue to potential communication barriers in the event of an emergency. More from Gregory Havel. 

Building Fire Codes

Jack J. Murphy introduces the Taming the Fire Environment column and examines how fire codes impact fireground safety.

Multifamily Dwelling Fires Training

Noting a dearth of in-depth training on multifamily dwelling fires, the Boise (ID) Fire Department moved to develop a substantive training piece on the subject.

Michigan Children Killed in Home-Alone Fire

The home did not have smoke detectors, authorities said.

Are Current Fire Prevention and Education Models Failing Us?

Ales Jug notes some challenges to fire department's current models of fire prevention and public education and considers how the fire service may adapt to overcome them. 

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