Fire Prevention and Education

Is Big Data Analytics The Secret To Successful Fire Fighting?

Fire services, like most other public bodies, are awash with data. This data comes from sensors on equipment and fire engines and should be collected, integrated and used more effectively to give fire fighters (and the public) the information they need in real time.

San Francisco Orders Three Warehouses to Vacate Following 'Ghost Ship' Fire

The city of San Francisco is taking steps to inspect a number of warehouses after December's "Ghost Ship" fire in Oakland, which left 36 people dead.

Hero to Guardian

Jim Crawford shares the story of one community servant who found value beyond "the save."

FDNY Records Lowest Fire Deaths in 100 Years

New York City saw the largest decrease of civilian fire deaths since 1916.

Globe Fire Sprinkler Corporation Introduces Model RCW Water Control Valve

Globe Fire Sprinkler Corporation recently announced the introduction of the Model RCW Water Control Valve for use in Dry, Deluge and Preaction Systems.

Common Voices, National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors Champion Fire Sprinklers after New Year’s Day Fires in Massachusetts

These tragedies underscore the fire problem that exists in Massachusetts and our nation, and provides us an opportunity to focus on prevention and how we can protect our families.

San Francisco Firefighters, Artists Work to Make Art Spaces Safe

Fire prevention, safety and community risk reduction are presented in an event for artists in San Francisco.

New NFPA Video Underscores Long-Lasting Realities of Home Fires

In cooperation with the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, NFPA has produced a new video underscoring the painful aftermath of home fires. Burn care specialists from the William Randolph Hearst Burn Center, one of the premier burn care hospitals in the U.S., detail the frequency of home fire injuries and painstaking recovery of burn survivors.

Connecticut Firefighters Escape Firehouse Fire

Apparatus damaged by fire inside Concord firehouse.

Timber Industry Sets Hopes on New Wood Technology

Cross-laminated timber is seen as way to revive timber industry.

One Dead, Eight Injured in California Fire

Mobile home fire in Escondido kills a 5-year old girl and injures eight other people.

Construction Concerns: Penetrations of Rated Wall and Floor Assemblies

Firefighters must be familiar enough with penetrations of fire-rated walls and floor-ceiling assemblies that they can recognize one that may be deficient, Greg Havel writes.

Oakland Warehouse Fire Highlights Underground Venues

Investigators find it hard to locate and inspect underground events.

Twins Killed in Los Angeles House Fire

Twin boys dead, father injured in Watts fire.

First Lawsuit Filed in Oakland Warehouse Fire

First Lawsuit Filed in Oakland Warehouse Fire

Warehouse owner, chief tenant and others named in fire lawsuit from Oakland warehouse fire.

Three Dead in Pennsylvania Christmas Eve House Fire

Three Dead in Pennsylvania Christmas Eve House Fire

Toddler, grandmother and uncle perish in Christmas Eve house fire in Stowe Township.

Alabama Fire Prevention

State chiefs work to reduce fire risk and deaths

Oakland Warehouse Licensed as Business

Oakland Warehouse Licensed as Business

Oakland warehouse was licensed as a business but was never inspected by firefighters.

Christmas Tree Lights Cause Fatal Utah House Fire

Utah couple dies after faulty Christmas tree lights cause a fire in their Wood Cross home.

NVFC Accepting Nominations for 2017 Achievement Awards

Each spring, the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) honors a firefighter who has provided a lifetime of service, someone whose accomplishments embody the philosophy of fire prevention, an outstanding junior firefighter, and an exemplary junior firefighter program. All recipients receive a personalized award and national recognition.


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