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Bear Fire (CA) Nearly Two-Thirds Contained

After a little rain and cooler weather, fire crews have reached the halfway mark in containing the Bear Fire, pushing the fire back past natural containment lines. Cal Fire now expects full containment by Tuesday. On Saturday morning, Cal Fire announced that the Bear Fire had stretched to 391 acres, but is now 50 percent contained.

Residents Thank Departing Firefighters from Santa Rosa

Firefighters heading out from the Sonoma County Fairgrounds to continue mopping up wildfires early Saturday were treated to their very own cheering section. Dozens of residents waved signs and showered departing fire crews and those returning from front lines with loud applause and cries of "Thank you!" and "We love you!"

Fires Tear Through Three locations in Dallas, Plano, Arlington

Three overnight fires in the Dallas-Fort Worth area left occupants uninjured but one Dallas firefighter was hospitalized for a minor injury, authorities said. Area fire crews responded to a vacant apartment complex in Dallas, a hotel in Plano and a duplex in Arlington. A fire engulfed the third floor of a vacant apartment complex as firefighters arrived at 12363 Abrams Road.

Reporter's Reflections on Firestorms of 2007

Ten years ago today, I was among the first reporters on the scene when the devastating 2007 firestorms began.

San Francisco Firefighter Remembers 6.9 Magnitude Earthquake Rescue

This week marks the 28-year anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake that killed over 60 people and injured thousands in the Bay Area. The earthquake registered a magnitude of 6.9 and changed the lives of many including former San Francisco Fire Captain Gerry Shannon. Shannon became a hero that night when he saved 56-year-old woman Sherra Cox from a burning apartment building in San Francisco.

St. Louis Firefighters Testing Tactics to Reduce High Cancer Rate

The St. Louis Fire Department lost four firefighters under the age of 50 to cancer last year. Now the department is at the forefront of creating a guideline to try and reduce that number. Firefighters spend their days battling flames and a lot of smoke.

Firefighter Records Massive Firenado in Portugal

A firefighter in Portugal captured video of a massive firenado swirling a stream of flames high into the air over a wildfire.

Researching the risks and realities of wildfires

nternationally renowned expert on wildfires Albert Simeoni, a professor and the interim director of WPI's Fire Protection Engineering department, has been watching developments in Northern California where extreme fires have ravaged more than 200,000 acres, destroying nearly 6,000 structures and claiming more than 40 lives. It's the type of tragedy Simeoni says faculty and students at WPI's state-of-the-art fire lab have been studying to quantify the risks and find ways to help mitigate destruction.

Kansas City Firefighter Speaks After Winning Discrimination Claim Against City

Tarshish Jones, an African American firefighter who was awarded $356,694 in compensatory damages in a race discrimination lawsuit against the city, spoke Friday about the jury’s verdict.

As fire rehab begins near Shoshone, BLM investigators suspect arson

Senior firefighter Dakota Cummins drives a tractor with a drill to plant grasses, forbs and bitterbrush Thursday along the scar of the Mammoth Cave Fire. The drill seeding effort cover 11,036 acres of the 49,912 acres burned by the fire. 


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