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Ready Rack Wall Rack Organizer


This product was designed to outlast big box store hanging systems.

New dispatch system improves response times for Elkhart fire

02/09/2018 Elkhart firefighters are giving the thumbs up to a new dispatch system that has helped reduce their response times. Until recently, they were dispatched with an outdated system that wasn't always dependable. Dispatchers at the 911 Center in Elkhart still take calls and information for the fire department.

BlazeMaster® Fire Protection Systems Gets New UL Certification


It’s only a certification to UL Standard 1821, but it represents two years of research and development on the part of BlazeMaster® Fire Protection Systems.

Code 3® Launches New Multifunctional Outliner™ Perimeter Bar


Code 3®, Inc., a leading manufacturer and developer of light and sound emergency products, recenty announced the launch of the new multifunctional Outliner™ perimeter bar.

Emergency Reporting Offers Enhanced, Highly Customizable Length of Service Awards Program (LOSAP) Tracking Tools


Emergency Reporting (ER) has made the LOSAP tracking process simple by introducing enhanced, customizable LOSAP tracking features to users of their Fire and EMS Records Management Solution (RMS).

Ready Rack PPE Storage Solutions


Hanging coats and trousers will prevent damage caused by creasing or folding and allows them to air dry if merely damp from routine cleaning.

New Fire Station in Katy, Texas, to Include Phoenix G2 Alerting System

01/11/2018 To meet growing demands for fire protection in Katy, city officials anticipate a December ground breaking for fire station No. 2 near Katy Mills at 25420 Bell Patna Drive. The construction contract with Bass Construction of Rosenberg calls for completion of the project in 300 days, said Katy Mayor Chuck Brawner, which would put the opening in October, also known as Fire Prevention Month.

Elkhart Fire Department Installs New Alerting System for More Efficient Response Times

01/11/2018 Firefighters anywhere will tell you, minutes can make a big difference when responding to a call. Especially when it's a matter of life of death. With that in mind, the Elkhart Fire Department and Dispatch Center are installing a new station alerting system that could shave off a minute or more of response time.

Idaho Falls Fire Department Uses New Phoenix G2 Automated Dispatch System

01/11/2018 IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - The Idaho Falls Fire Department will be getting to emergencies quicker with a new automated dispatch system [from US Digital Designs]. They recently began using a station alert system that they're also tying in with dispatch.

Holmatro Introduces its Biggest-Cutting, Widest-Spreading Combi Rescue Tool


Holmatro, a worldwide leader in innovative and power hydraulic equipment manufacturing, has introduced its newest rescue tool, the new 5160 combi tool.

Code 3® Announces Bacteria-Killing Patient Compartment Light Powered By Vital Vio

12/13/2017 Code 3®, Inc., a leading manufacturer and developer of light and sound emergency products, announced the launch of its new germ-killing Patient Compartment Light Powered by Vital Vio.

PPE/Turnout Storage Lockers Built to Protect and Preserve Your Gear


Groves started with the open-air turnout storage system and over the years developed our Red Rack® product line.

Coxreels Introduces Industrial Duty LED Lights for PC13 Model


Coxreels recently introduced a new line of three industrial duty LED lights now available on the PC13 (Power Cord) cord reels.

Coxreels Introduces Industrial Duty LED Lights for PC13 Model


Coxreels recently introduced a new line of three industrial duty LED lights now available on the PC13 (Power Cord) cord reels.

Ladder Light Introduces Smarter End Caps to Enable Safer Firefighters


High intensity LED beacons turn on automatically to show ladder location in dark or smoky conditions.

Coxreels® Offers Upgraded Swivel Options for the 1125 Series


The medium-pressure (up to 4,000 psi) and high-pressure (up to 5,000 psi) can both be factory installed on the standard 1125 Series. 

FLIR Announces FLIR identiFINDER R440 Handheld Radioisotope Detector and Identifier


FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) recently announced the FLIR identiFINDER® R440, the latest addition to its identiFINDER R-Series handheld radiation detection product line.

First Five Honeywell DuPont Scholarship Recipients Announced for FDIC International 2018


The first five recipients of the Honeywell Dupont FDIC Scholarships have been arrounded.

AquaMist Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems a Solution to Help Protect Sensitive, Mission-Critical Applications


Now, Johnson Controls offers a solution to help safeguard locations with complex fire protection needs with a water mist fire suppression system. The AquaMist product line from Johnson Controls includes a range of solutions that help protect people and property against a wide variety of fire risks.

SecuraTrac® Introduces Tiny, Powerful MobileDefender™ Model S


New Wake on SOS feature extends battery life, improves convenience for mobile workers.

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