Fire Rescue

Eliminating Irrelevant SOPs

Periodic review of standard operating procedures

Don't Mess Around... Just Blast It

If your department lacks sufficient water delivery for large fires, you need to start thinking and practicing these big hits on certain fires to do...

Goodbye 2016

The year in critique 

Fire Engineering

Boise State University Fire Under Control

The report of a structure fire at Boise State University came in around 6:30 p.m. on Saturday. Boise Fire officials say the fire started in a room ...

House fire in Ohio Kills Two Adults, Two Children

Two adults and two young girls were killed in an overnight house fire on Saturday in Ohio. Multiple media reports say the fire broke out about 1:30...

Video Shows Firefighter Driving Through Gatlinburg Wildfire

A view from a Sevierville fire truck as a firefighter drove through the Gatlinburg wildfire that killed 13 people to make rescues.


John Tew: Good Medicine in Bad Places

John Tew discusses his class of the training steps for saving a person who has intense injuries.

Freddie Batista: E-Learning in the Fire Service Industry

Freddie Batista discusses his article E-Learning in the Fire Service Industry which one is right for your department.

Brian Zaitz: Fireground Communications

Brian Zaitz discusses that good communication creates a more effective and safer fireground for all incoming units.

Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment

Five Steps to Reduce Your Community’s ISO Insurance Rates

Monitoring for integrity involves installing automatic systems that detect faults and failures and send visual and audible indications to appropria...

Pelican Introduces Class I, Div. 1 Certified Rechargeable LED Flashlights

Pelican 3315R LED and 3315R-RA LED flashlights are powered by a unique lithium ion rechargeable battery that provides a life expectancy of over 2,0...

San Luis Obispo (CA) County Regional Airport Fire Station



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