Fire Rescue

Understanding Human Error

How to develop a just culture at your fire department

On-Duty Deaths and Advancing Hoselines in 2016

A closer look at reported firefighter fatality on the hoseline data.

Up in the Air

Nicola Davies examines the use of drone technology in the fire service. 

Fire Engineering

Mike Ciampo: Operational Miscue

Mike Ciampo discusses some details of effective fire suppression at apartment fires.

Humpday Hangout: Live Demo of FARS from the GRPST in Glendale, AZ

 Join in and see how FARS works and why it is an important live-saving tool for the fire service nationally.

Ten Signs You're Stressed and Five Ways to Deal with It, Part 1

Anne Gagliano offers some countermeasures that have helped her and her firefighter keep stress in its proper proportion for the duration of his 30-...


Rommie L. Duckworth: Coordinating Extrication and EMS

Rommie L. Duckworth discusses in his article states that a great vehicle extrication involves a collaboration between rescue and emergency medical ...

Jon McIvor: Are Our Fire Academies Producing What We Want?

Jon McIvor talks about numerous academies that might help with developing or enhancing your department’s recruit training program.

Brad French: Preplanning Fire-Protected Structures

Brad French discusses that a number of formal resources are available to guide fire departments in preincident planning, including National Fire Pr...

Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment

E-ONE Completes CBRN Incident Vehicle for Asia

E-ONE, Inc., a member of the REV Group, has recently completed a CBRN incident vehicle for delivery to China.

Lamor Corporation Introduces Versatile Seahunter Multipurpose Connectable Plastic Workboat

The Lamor Seahunter can serve as a multiple use commercial platform or powered vessel. Get more info.

Car Crashes into Ambulance at St. Francis Medical Center

New details following the crash at St. Francis medical center. Here are the shocking photos taken after a man who police say was high on PCP crashe...


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