Fire Rescue

NIOSH LODD Report: Vermont Firefighter Stricken During Brush Fire

On April 27, 2016, a 58-year-old male paid-on-call fire fighter (FF) responded to a brush fire call. He drove the tanker to the scene and assisted ...

LODD Anniversary: New York Captain Killed in Floor Collapse

Lessons learned from a Jan. 22, 2013 line of duty death.

Equal Treatment in the Fire Service?

Tracy Whitten examines how a department views recruitment of minorities reflects the leader’s attitude.

Fire Engineering

Humpday Hangout: The Company Officer's Role in Daily Training

On this week's Humpday Hangout, join your hosts Frank Ricci and PJ Norwood as they talk to their guests about the company officer's role in daily t...

Firefighters Have Contained Grassfires in Parker County

Firefighters have contained a series of massive grass fires in Parker and Grayson Counties Monday.

Waukegan (IL) Firefighters Rescue Man Trapped in Bulldozer

Firefighters rescued a man who became trapped in the cab of his bulldozer early Monday when it slid down an embankment at a gypsum processing facil...


Bob Carpenter: Drill Development: Success-Based Training Model

Bob Carpenter discusses that the fire service culture has always been about making the job safer, the members more skilled, and the processes bette...

VIDEO Susanne Klatt on Line-of-Duty Deaths and Safety Standards in the German Fire Service


Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment

Police: Indiana EMT Dies After Ambulance Driver Allegedly Fell Asleep

An EMT in Indiana has died, after the driver of the ambulance they were in allegedly fell asleep and crashed into another vehicle, according to CBS...

Peterborough (Canada) Fire Apparatus to Use Blue Lights

The red and orange flashes on Peterborough Fire Service’s vehicles will eventually be accompanied by new blue lights.Those lights, say fire Chief C...

RDO Equipment Co. Awards Grants to Six South Dakota VFDs

RDO Equipment Co. announces six South Dakota volunteer fire departments are the recipients of grants through a special Volunteer Fire Department fo...
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