Fire Rescue

Ottawa Fire Services Establishes Operational Guide for First-Arriving Company Officers

The Ottawa Fire Services established an operational guide of first-arriving company officers. Learn about the guide's origins and download a copy f...

Thinking Firefighters

Scott Kraut looks at the history and concept of stress inoculation as well as strategies for integrating it into a training program.

PPA Deconstructed

Nick Ledin examines PPA with the help of UL FSRI experiments.

Fire Engineering

Honeywell FDIC 2017 September Scholarship Recipients Announced

The first five have been selected to go to FDIC. 15 scholarships are left!

The East Ohio Gas Explosion: Cleveland, 1944

 In 1944, an explosion severely damages a city's industrial and transporation center. But it's not war-related sabotage--it's a gas plant expl...

Oklahoma Firefighter Back Home After Being Injured in Florida Hurricane Cleanup followed up with Zach Collins, a Silver City volunteer firefighter who was critically injured when a tree fell on him during cleanup effo...


John Wright: Preparing for the Mayday Scenario

John Wright discusses some ways that he has been training for the Mayday scenario.

John Shafer: Today’s Structures: Airtight and Plastics Galore

John Shafer discusses that there has been a steady change in the building construction and household contents since the 1970 energy crisis.

Dan DeGryse: A Personal Discovery about Stress and Cortisol

Daniel Degryse discusses the stress hormone cortisol and its effects on the body.  

Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment

New Fire Truck Delivered to Morse-Fall Lake (MN) Fire Department

NEW TRUCK for the Morse-Fall Lake (MN) Fire Department arrived Oct. 13. Built by Custom Fire, the pumper tanker had a cost of $500,000 which was sp...

Vintage Fire Engine 'Taken' From Cocoa (FL)

Cocoa police are on the lookout for what may possibly be a stolen vehicle, but not just your typical garage warmer. This one is an older model 1956...

New, Shared Hazmat Truck Thanks to Grant; Prescott (AZ), Central Partner for High-Tech Truck

The Prescott Fire Department and Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority on Oct. 13 put into service their new, jointly purchased HAZMAT respons...


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