Fire Rescue

Smoke Alarm Confusion

Jim Crawford looks at strategies for reducing consumer confusion about smoke alarms.

Berkeley, CA Mayday After Action Report

As fire conditions rapidly changed as viewed from the Command Post, IC ordered an “Abandon the Building” on all channels.

The Rosecrance Florian Program

FireRescue's editor in chief looks at a program dedicated to and specializing in helping fire service members who need substance abuse treatment an...

Fire Engineering

Mike Ciampo: On Fire: The Gas Years

In this video from his "On Fire" column, Mike Ciampo reviews natural gas valves and issues stemming from natural gas that firefighters ma...

Humpday Hangout: Firefighter Health and Safety

Host Frank Ricci is joined by Assistant Chiefs Joseph Pronesti and Becki White as they discuss their classes at FDIC International as well as com...

Critics Angered by Use of 9/11 Memorial in TV Show

Families of 9/11 victims are outraged that a climactic scene involving a greedy hedge-funder in the season finale of Showtime's "Billions" was film...


Tony Tricarico: Elevator Emergencies: The Use of Fireman’s Service Elevators

Tony Tricarico discusses the steps to rescue a person trapped in an elevator.   

Billy Leach Jr.: S – I – M – P – L – E Approach to a Motor Vehicle Collision

Billy Leach Jr.'s article will discuss new ways to create a safer rescue operating environment for the fire service.

Paul Strong: Rapid Intervention

Paul Strong talks about how rapid intervention is about stepping up to the plate and holding yourself, your peers, and your subordinates accountable.

Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment

VT Hackney Tractor-Trailer Hazmat Unit

VT Hackney/Freightliner Hazmat Unit

Volunteer Firefighter Killed Responding to Accident in Botetourt County (VA)

A volunteer firefighter died Thursday while responding to a crash on Route 220 in Botetourt County, according to Virginia State Police. The Eagle R...

Braintree (MA) Fire Receives Grant for Mobile Data Terminals

Braintree Mobile data terminals that put key information at the fingertips of firefighters as they respond to calls are now standard equipment on t...


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