Fire Rescue

The CRR Planning Process

Jim Crawford looks at the CRR planning process and how the end result can be different depending on local circumstances.

The Human Machine

Brandon Green examines whether we are treating our apparatus better than our firefighters.

Doing the Right Thing

Stephen Marsar examines whether we do the right things because they are right or because we are firefighters.

Fire Engineering

Woman Found Dead in Martinez (CA) Condo Fire

Firefighters pulled an adult woman from a burning condominium Saturday morning after they navigated through her crowded living quarters, a fire off...

Fire Traps Workers in Delhi Factory, Killing at Least 17

A fire at an industrial building on the outskirts of New Delhi broke out as workers were stuffing gunpowder into firecrackers, trapping many of the...

Hammonton (NJ) Firefighter Celebrates 70th Year with Company

When Frank Silvesti turned 20, his boss convinced him to give volunteer firefighting a try. "He said, 'You are going to enjoy the fire departme...


Bob Carpenter: Drill Development: Success-Based Training Model

Bob Carpenter discusses that the fire service culture has always been about making the job safer, the members more skilled, and the processes bette...

VIDEO Susanne Klatt on Line-of-Duty Deaths and Safety Standards in the German Fire Service


Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment

Fire Squad Improves Response Times In Northeastern National City

The National City Fire Department seems to have found a way to improve slow response times to medical emergencies and fires in the northeastern reg...

Mckinney Fire Station No. 9 First To Open In 7 Years; Dedication Held Jan. 31

A dedication ceremony for McKinney Fire Station No. 9 will take place Jan. 31.Courtesy city of McKinney McKinney Fire Station No. 9 will serve comm...

Leander Moving Forward On Fifth Fire Station Near Travisso Neighborhood | Community Impact Newspaper

The west side of Leander could see a new fire station in 2019 after Leander City Council voted Thursday to proceed with plans and designing the fac...
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