Fire Rescue

The Other Side of the (Fire Service) Tracks

Nozzlehead looks at incorporating change in a resistant fire department.  


FireRescue's editor in chief examines how FireCARES helps departments make the safe grade in the community it serves. 

Rescue on The Water

Eight children and two adults were rescued by Milford (CT) Fire Department Marine Division.

Fire Engineering

Hangout: Live from Grace Industries

Join Bobby Halton and John R. Flynn for a live Hangout with Grace Fire Fighter.

Cal Fire Battles 'Eclipse Fire' in Eastern San Diego County

Cal Fire crews are evacuating part of the Campo Indian Reservation Monday due to the Eclipse Fire in the East San Diego County community. The fire ...

New Jersey Firefighter Proposes During Solar Eclipse

On a day already filled with excitement, a couple from New Jersey now have another memory that might overshadow the total solar eclipse that was vi...


Brian Brush: First-Arriving Engine: A Progressive Fire Attack Plan

Brian Brush discusses that there are hundreds of options and combinations for fire attack at the disposal of today’s firefighters and that the thre...

Lisa Baker: The Assessment Center Process: How to Be Successful

Lisa Baker discusses what an assessment center is and how it assesses your ability to be successful in the job classification for which you are tes...

Anthony Avillo: Shut the Door! Tips for VES, VEIS (or VESS)

Anthony Avillo discusses the meaning of VEIS or VESS in the fire service.

Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment

VT Hackney Tractor-Trailer Hazmat Unit

VT Hackney/Freightliner Hazmat Unit

Hangout: Live from Grace Industries

Join Bobby Halton and John R. Flynn for a live Hangout with Grace Fire Fighter.

Is Allentown (PA) Neglecting Fire Apparatus Fleet?

On the day fire gutted five row homes on Delaware Street in 2008 and made 19 people homeless, four Allentown fire engines were out of service, incl...


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