Texas Bill Would Allow Volunteers to Carry

House Bill 435 would allow licensed volunteers to carry a firearm while on the job.

Line of Duty Deaths: Learn, Live & Never Forget

Brian Gettemeier shares a weekly calendar of firefighter fatality investigation reports for our education and to honor the fallen.

Pittsburgh, Ross Avenue Bailout Report

Five firefighters were forced to bailout during a January 2016 house fire.

Medics Criticized for Treating Terrorist in London Attack

NHS nurses defend actions of medics in treating terrorist in London attack.

San Angelo Sues Public Safety Software Company

City says new CAD system is problematic and fails to meet city needs.

Trusted Voices: Ronnie Coleman

Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton talks with Ronnie Coleman, President of the National Fire Heritage Center.

Fire Engineering Humpday Hangout: Focus on Firefighter Health and Safety

Frank Ricci and Steven Hamilton discuss interagency cooperation during scenes of violence.

Maine Town Official Criticizes Firefighters Washing Cars

Peru Selectman believes washing personal vehicles at firehouse should not be a privilege.

Judge Delays Cuts to Atlantic City Fire Department

Cuts to salary and benefits will be delayed while appeals are heard.

Kansas Firefighters Told to Remove Memorial Stickers

Sedgwick County firefighters were told to remove stickers to not offend other families.

Report Highlights Problems at South Carolina House Fire

Chiefs’ association report tells of communication, firefighting and financial issues affecting a Pineville house fire.

Wood Construction Questioned after Raleigh Fire

Code change adopted by North Carolina in 2009 increased the number of wood-frame stories.

More Than a Plan

Dave Donohue looks managing projects to improve community capabilities.

Fire Editor 360: PPE and Excuses

An interesting video find that will surely find its way into your social media feeds one way or another.

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ PPE

Arkansas fire video highlights ignorance of safety.

Vermont Firefighters Quit after Town Vote

Unity members quit after town decides Selectboard will appoint fire chief and firefighters.

Charleston’s First Female Fire Chief Retires

Chief Karen Brack spent five years working to modernize the department including developing mutual aid agreements with nearby departments.

Firefighters Make a Surprise Birthday Visit

Firefighters celebrate Mason Allen’s 11th birthday.

Lawmakers Struggle with California Warehouse Fire; Oakland Fire Chief Retires

Public safety collides with complaints from artists about high rent.

Making Sausage: The Art of Negotiation

Matt Tobia examines the difference between winning and beating your opponent.


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