January 2018 On-Duty Deaths

The information presented is not meant to distract from the emotional toll felt by the families and coworkers.  It is instead meant to remind us to look greater at the record of fatalities and in comparison to previous years as well as be a measure of substance when used in discussions.

An Unobstructed Path

FireRescue’s editor-in-chief examines creating an unobstructed path. 

Indiana Firefighters Ease School Fire Drill Fears

A fire alarm went off and some students were fearful to leave the classroom and evacuate because they knew the suspected Florida school shooter pulled an alarm before opening fire.

FDIC 2018: Developing the Next Generation of Fire Service Leaders

Professional development is a planned, progressive, and lifelong process of education, training, self-development, and experience gained while preparing for and engaging in your career.

N.F.L. (No Formal Leadership)

Stephen Marsar examines the difficulties of making decisions in the fire service.


Bruno and the Kid

Remembering the author’s first experience with Alan Brunacini and lessons learned circa the 1980s-1990s. Why in the world would he be interested in you or me?

Relentless Pursuit

Frank Viscuso shares advice from a successful wrestling coach on how leaders can step up their game and achieve better results.

New York Volunteers at Work Without Worker’s Compensation

Firefighters found out days ago, in a letter from the town supervisor that they haven’t been covered by worker’s comp since the beginning of the year.

Fairfax County Fire Chief Announces Retirement

Bowers’ retirement comes after Battalion Chief Kathleen Stanley, who headed Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department's women's program, resigned last month and wrote a scathing resignation letter in which she detailed at least half dozen allegations of sexual harassment.

When Your Mentors Are Gone...

The longer you are in the fire service, the fewer of your mentors are around. So where do you seek council?

Taking the Final Exam

Ronny J. Coleman looks the correlation between a lack of educational focus and America’s fire record. 

Terror and Crisis Situations

It has become evident that crisis and terror events may take place in all types of communities, involving both fire and police departments, regardless of their size or capacity. Are we prepared for these types of incidents? 

Fire Alarm and Gunfire: Stay or Flee?

Safety experts say it's unusual for schools to encounter situations where drills contribute to confusion or are exploited to inflict more harm, though they concede the unsolvable reality of that possibility.

FDIC 2018: Seven “C’s” of Fire Officer Trust

Participants will exchange ideas and insight for the past, current and future Fire and Emergency Services Culture.

Firefighters’ Union Under Fire for AR-15 Rifle Auction

People who attended fundraiser in Cameron Park say auction of AR-15 rifle was in poor taste considering the Florida school shooting.

Arizona Firefighters Resign Over Staffing Cuts

South Tucson budget cut reduces the number of firefighters on a fire engine from four to three.

Maryland Fire Chief Cites Unacceptable Behavior Towards Firehouse Custodians

According to the memo, these behaviors included: "flirtatious comments," "negative comments regarding diverse neighboring communities," "vulgar, inappropriate sexual comments" and "comments/personal opinions regarding DACA."

San Francisco Settles Firefighter, Plane Crash Lawsuit

A San Francisco firefighter who says she was wrongly singled out for driving over a teen thrown from the wreckage of a 2013 airliner crash will receive $250,000 from the city to settle her lawsuit.

Do You Own or Rent the Job?

Rick Lasky discusses the members of the fire service who put everything they are in to the fire service and truly own their calling—and those who don’t. 

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

Recognizing that not all critical incidents occur on the fireground

Volume 13, Issue 2

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