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Indianapolis Fire Department Aims to Limit Cancer Risks with Chemical Detox Sauna

The Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) continues to take aim at Cancer in the Fire Service with the recent purchase of a Chemical Detox Sauna, built to help firefighters eliminate deadly toxins from their body after fighting fires.

Frost & Sullivan Applauds Honeywell’s Life Guard Hood for Protecting Firefighters against Carcinogenic Particles with its Triple-layer Barrier

The Life Guard Hood’s lighter, roomier fit ensures a greater degree of compliance, comfort, and safety

Training Minutes: Engaging the Senses During Training

In this new Training Minutes video, Ric Jorge and company demonstrate ways to immerse students in the realities of the fireground.

Details Released in Death of Philadelphia Firefighter

Report lists several contributing factors in the death of a career firefighter inside a residential structure fire.

NIOSH LODD Report: Philadelphia Firefighter Dies in Structure Fire

Report lists several contributing factors in the death of a career firefighter inside a residential structure fire.

Indianapolis Medics Train to Deal with Drug-Induced Assaults

Review of workplace injuries and a survey of personnel lead to training for medics.

USFA: Ohio On-Duty Death

Cardiac arrest claims a Wyoming district chief after a 24-hour shift.

NIOSH LODD Report: Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

2013 blast killed 9 volunteer firefighters and injured an off-duty captain.

Prince George’s County Firefighter Recalls Fatal Shooting

Prince George’s County firefighter recalls shooting that injured him and killed another firefighter.

Sentencing in Shooting of Maryland Firefighters

One firefighter was fatally shot and another wounded during a welfare check in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

NIOSH LODD Report: Virginia Firefighter Killed in Wind Driven Fire

2008 fire was the first LODD in the department’s 41-year history.

Naked Man Attacks Baltimore Paramedics

Recent violence leads to call for equipment and training.


NIOSH LODD Report: Colorado Firefighter Falls Through Roof

Truck 8 engineer stepped onto a translucent corrugated roof panel, which cracked under his weight.

Downed Firefighter Training

Sacramento Truck 17 training on Down Firefighter CPR

Today’s Firefighting PPE Issues

Sponsored by TenCate Protective Fabrics

Maryland Firefighter Dies at Firehouse

Montgomery County firefighter died inside Burtonsville firehouse where he started as a volunteer.

USFA: Maryland On-Duty Death

Montgomery County firefighter was found unresponsive in the firehouse.

New Jersey Firefighter Falls Through Floor at House Fire

New Jersey Firefighter Falls Through Floor at House Fire

A mayday was transmitted and a Monmouth Junction firefighter fell into the basement during a house fire.

IFSTA Receives CFSI Senator Paul S. Sarbanes Fire Service Safety Leadership Award

CFSI and NFFF Recognize IFSTA for Leadership

IAFC, NVFC Announce 2017 Safety Stand Down Theme

Mayday, self-rescue, and rapid intervention are this year's focus.


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