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Terror and Crisis Situationstbfwuwbqzv

It has become evident that crisis and terror events may take place in all types of communities, involving both fire and police departments, regardless of their size or capacity. Are we prepared for these types of incidents? 

Being Volunteer Ready

Greg Lindsay examines an event involving volunteer firefighters and driving near miss. 

Cancer Causes New Procedures for Colorado Firefighters

With cancer as the leading cause of death for firefighters, more fire stations are implementing hazmat procedures in order to save lives.

Invisible Enemy

FCSN’s Keith Tyson examines the increasing rate of cancer in firefighters and offers strategies to reduce firefighters’ exposure to carcinogens.

NJ Firefighter Suffers Medical Emergency at Fire

A Hammonton firefighter was rushed to the hospital in critical condition on Wednesday after suffering a medical emergency as crews battled a house blaze, officials said. The firefighter, whose name was not released, was in stable condition as of Thursday afternoon, according to Lt. Joe Lizza of the Hammonton Fire Department.

Taking Care of Those Who Take Care of Others

Daniel DeGryse introduces his column on concerns of addiction and mental health in the fire service. 

Mass Resignations at AZ Fire Department

Fourteen members of the South Tucson Fire Department submitted their resignations this week, citing concerns about safety on the job and what they said are misplaced budget priorities of the City Council. Among those leaving is administrative Capt. Cory Lakosky, considered the defacto head of the department.

CDP Adds Fentanyl Awareness to Training

The Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) in Anniston, Alabama, has incorporated fentanyl awareness into select training courses to address the threat of accidental exposure to the drug  by first responders.

FDIC 2018: Potential Use of Technology to Address Major Health and Safety Concerns

Uses and challenges of deploying technology to address each of physiological threats.

Construction Concerns: Soot and Cancer

Greg Havel looks at the history of our understanding of the connection between soot and cancer and at how the fire service had dealt with the issue.

SCBA Quick Tips: Battery Systems

In this SCBA Quick Tips video from MSA, Joe Alvarez reviews how MSA has centralized its battery systems for its SCBA

Cranston Firefighters Sick after Fire, HazMat Incident

Deputy Fire Chief Paul Valletta is one of the many firefighters dealing with respiratory issues after being exposed to the chemicals inside the building.

Mayday Monday: A Closer Look at Firefighter Deaths

Tony Carroll looks at the role that firefighter wellness and fitness plays in prevent line-of-duty deaths and firefighter emergencies.

Line of Duty Deaths – Learn, Live, & Never Forget, 2018

The calendar for 2018 represents the game film of the fire service.  Incidents that have forever changed a department, a community, and many families.   Incidents that we as the Fire Service promised we would never forget.

Bunker Gear Transfer: The Invisible Danger

Bunker Gear Transfer: The Invisible Danger

This video demonstrates processes of cross-contamination from bunker gear to individuals, equipment, the fire station, personal vehicles, and even family members.

VCOS Report: Under the Helmet: Performing an Internal Size-Up

The goal of this report is to bring awareness about the fire and emergency services’ emotional and behavioral health problem and emphasize the importance of changing the culture. The 42-page report contains background information, statistics, resources, and action items for departments to use to ensure the mental wellness of their members.

Firefighter Undergarment, Burn Injury Survey

The purpose of this study is to determine current firefighter use of both certified NFPA 1975 and non-certified station wear garments in relation to firefighter burn and heat injury while worn under a certified NFPA 1971 garment. Results will be used to better understand the potential risk of wearing non-certified garments and to develop a material testing program for station wear in combination with structural turnout ensembles. 

Florida Cities Oppose Firefighter PTSD Bill

Many Florida city governments are opposed to a bill that would make first responders eligible for workers' compensation benefits if they're dealing with mental trauma.


North Carolina Firefighters Hold Cancer Summit

Educational discussion looks at ways to reduce exposure through various prevention methods.

Fire Service Occupational Cancer: The Elephant in the Room

Todd LeDuc examines some steps you can take today to help protect you and your crew from carcinogen exposure. 

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