Health & Safety

Raw Video: Mayday at South Dakota House Fire

Watch as first companies arrive and begin the initial attack on this house fire in Tea.

Understanding Human Error

How to develop a just culture at your fire department

Wisconsin Firefighter Hopes Invention Prevents Firefighter Deaths

Eau Claire firefighter Jeff Dykes hopes his device will help firefighters if they become disoriented inside a burning building.

Florida Firefighter in Critical Condition in Fatal Manhole Rescue

Three workers are dead and a Key Largo firefighter is in critical condition after a manhole rescue.

On-Duty Deaths and Advancing Hoselines in 2016

A closer look at reported firefighter fatality on the hoseline data.

Firefighter Describes Grief and Tragedy of Oakland Warehouse Fire

Lieutenant Mark Tait talks about going into the Oakland warehouse to locate and remove several of the victims of the fire.

USFA: Cardiac Arrest Claims Pennsylvania Firefighter

Speedwell firefighter found slumped over steering wheel of fire engine while at automobile accident.

Humpday Hangout: Operations on Roadways

In this Humpday Hangout, Bill Gustin, Mike Dugan, and the rest of the panel will discuss operations on roadways, including vehicle fires and accidents.

Active Shooter Response Added to Tennessee Fire Departments

Nashville firefighter/paramedics will now make entry with police during active shooter incidents

Fire Engineering Humpday Hangout: Focus on the Fireground

This discussion, sponsored by Key Hose, looks at safe operations on roadways.

New York Firefighters Lacking SCBA

Lackawana firefighters raise concern over facepieces and lack of SCBA.

FDSOA Event: The Safety Officer’s Role in Cancer Prevention

Safety forum will address cancer risks among first responders

Understanding the Modern Fire Environment

“It doesn’t happen to us, it happens in the movies.”

O2X: Stress and Mindfulness

The topic of firefighter stress has gained prominence in recent years, especially in light of post-traumatic stress disorder and the context of firefighter suicide. In the video, O2X expert Maria Trozzi discusses identification and mitigation tools for dealing with stress.

Line of Duty Deaths: Learn, Live & Never Forget

Brian Gettemeier shares a weekly calendar of firefighter fatality investigation reports for our education and to honor the fallen.

Thermal Imager Mask “Revolutionary” for Indiana Firefighters

Huntington firefighters now using Scott Sight facepieces.

Ohio Governor Signs Firefighter Cancer Bill

Michael Louis Palumbo Jr. Act will allow firefighters with cancer to file worker compensation claims.

Connecticut Firefighters Escape Firehouse Fire

Apparatus damaged by fire inside Concord firehouse.

Eight Firefighters Injured as Seattle Fire Apparatus Collide

Eight Seattle firefighters were taken to Harborview for evaluation after two fire vehicles smashed into each other in Seattle's Roosevelt neighborhood. The fire trucks were responding to an automatic fire alarm a bit before 8 a.m. Sunday.

NIOSH LODD Report: Oklahoma Storm Drain Rescue

Captain swept into underground drain during flooding


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