Fire Rescue

The Heavy One

Bob Vaccaro looks at the Jerr-Dan heavy-rescue truck that was delivered to Miami Dade (FL) Fire Rescue. 

The Volunteer Fire Rescue Gamble

Nozzlehead examines volunteer fire departments and the possibility that changes need to be made to ensure fast and effective response to emergencie...

You've Been Diagnosed with PTSD, Now What?

Cynthia Ross Tustin presents an interview with Dr. Edna Foa.

Fire Engineering

Humpday Hangout: Mapping for Operational Safety

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, Frank Ricci, PJ Norwood and guest Jerry Knisley discuss using the FEMA grid system to map land and water areas in...

Bear Fire (CA) Nearly Two-Thirds Contained

After a little rain and cooler weather, fire crews have reached the halfway mark in containing the Bear Fire, pushing the fire back past natural co...

Residents Thank Departing Firefighters from Santa Rosa

Firefighters heading out from the Sonoma County Fairgrounds to continue mopping up wildfires early Saturday were treated to their very own cheering...


Brian Brush: First-Arriving Engine: A Progressive Fire Attack Plan

Brian Brush discusses that there are hundreds of options and combinations for fire attack at the disposal of today’s firefighters and that the thre...

Lisa Baker: The Assessment Center Process: How to Be Successful

Lisa Baker discusses what an assessment center is and how it assesses your ability to be successful in the job classification for which you are tes...

Anthony Avillo: Shut the Door! Tips for VES, VEIS (or VESS)

Anthony Avillo discusses the meaning of VEIS or VESS in the fire service.

Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment

VT Hackney Tractor-Trailer Hazmat Unit

VT Hackney/Freightliner Hazmat Unit

Fire chief cites city's readiness, says occuptional cancer a major concern

Ask Boston Fire Commissioner Joseph Finn what really keeps him up at night. Civilian fire deaths? There hasn't been a single one all year. More lar...

Plans for ambulance crews to share new Sleaford fire station

Fire crews and ambulance staff are to be based under one roof in a shared station in Sleaford from spring, 2018.
Volume 12, Issue 10

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