Fire Rescue

A Full House

The priority of any emergency response is to protect life first. When faced with hoarding conditions, this priority does not change, but rather it ...

“Lever Pullers”

Becoming and remaining a “good firefighter” requires continuous learning and work on technical competency.

Working Side By Side

Fire departments often lend their TIC to help law enforcement in police situations.

Fire Engineering

22 injured After Flash Fire at Plant Near Houston (TX)

The Pasadena Fire Department says at least 22 people were injured following a flash fire at a plant near Houston.

California Girl Burned After Falling into Fire Pit, Helped by Off-Duty Firefighter

An off-duty firefighter was on hand to help a 10-year-old girl who fell into a fire pit and was burned on Saturday morning during a father and daug...

Firefighters Rescue Boy Who Fell into Manure Pit in Chester County (PA)

Firefighters rescued a young boy who was trapped in a manure storage pit at a farm in Chester County.


Lori Moore: Using Big Data Analytics to Enhance Fire Response Capability

Lori Moore discusses the risks of negative outcomes rise when fire department resources do not match community needs.  


Pierce Introduces CZConnect™ Featuring Vehicle Readiness Reports

With CZConnect integration, a free customized vehicle readiness report containing vehicle performance data and maintenance interval information is ...

Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment

Photos: Fire Truck Fan In Framingham

Lifelong Framingham resident Jim Rousseau got his antique 1964 Dover Engine 1 fire truck out on Thursday for a wash, a little maintenance and a tes...

U.S. Forest Service Opens Fire Station In Lake Isabella

The Lake Isabella Fire Station had its open house and ceremony Thursday. The previous fire station and visitor information center needed relocation...

New Salt Lake City Fire Station To Create As Much Energy As It Consumes

SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah)- The Salt Lake City Fire Department has a new station and it's only the second station in the country that will create a...

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