Eight Shot during Florida MLK Day Parade

Patients ranged in ages from 11 to 30 after gunfire disrupted the celebration in Miami-Dade

Ambulances can alert drivers of their approach by interrupting loud music

If, like many drivers, you like to have tunes pumping out of your music system to a level that causes your hair to vibrate, then there may be occasions when you're not fully aware that an ambulance is coming up the rear, or perhaps approaching from another street.

Car Crashes into Ambulance at St. Francis Medical Center

New details following the crash at St. Francis medical center. Here are the shocking photos taken after a man who police say was high on PCP crashed into an ambulance around 10:30 Saturday night. It happened right in front of the emergency room entrance.

Closest ambulance or fire truck isn't always the one sent to your aid in Broward

Years after Broward voters demanded that the closest ambulance or fire truck rush to their emergencies, it's not happening. Emergency responders still stop at their city's borders. A few cities have neighborly agreements to cross boundaries, but the countywide "closest unit response" that's been a goal for more than 14 years still hasn't been accomplished.

Report: Man Charged with Trying to Sexually Assault Chicago Paramedic

A 72-year-old man was charged with trying to sexually assault a Chicago Fire Department paramedic whiel they were en route to the hospital in an ambulance, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Car Strikes Four Students Walking to Colorado School

Four elementary students struck while in crosswalk near Colorado Springs school.

Six Injured in Minnesota Plant Explosion

Two patients from Dodge Center plant explosion were flown to a St. Paul hospital.

Ambulance Damaged in Accident

A St. Francois County ambulance was damaged in an accident at 2:40 a.m. Tuesday. St. Francois County Ambulance District Administrator David Tetrault said the ambulance was driving northbound on U.S. 67 at Athena School Road when a gust of strong wind took the ambulance out of the left lane.

South Carolina County Officials Plan EMS Overhaul

Overhauling Anderson County's delivery of emergency medical services will be a priority of county officials in 2017.

Six Injured in Ohio Coal Plant Explosion

Explosion at Dayton Power & Light injured six workers.

Active Shooter Response Added to Tennessee Fire Departments

Nashville firefighter/paramedics will now make entry with police during active shooter incidents

Fire Engineering Humpday Hangout: Focus on the Fireground

This discussion, sponsored by Key Hose, looks at safe operations on roadways.

Alton (IL) Ambulances Moving Toward April 1 Startup

The city's fire chief has checked off most items on his lengthy list of required preparations for the future ambulance service, but he hasn't changed the startup date.

LAFD Ambulance and Car Collide

A Los Angeles Fire Department ambulance transporting a patient was involved in a collision today on a rain-slicked street in the Canoga Park area, authorities said. 

South Korean Monk Sets Himself on Fire over Sex Slavery

Buddhist monk critically injured after protest of settlement.

Bus Crash Kills Four, Injures Several in France

Fatal crash in Saone-et-Loire region occurred on the “road of death.”

Cape Cod Crash Injures 15 People

Collision between van and box truck injures 15 in Falmouth.

Five Dead, Eight Wounded in Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

Initial reports of five people dead, eight wounded and the shooter in custody

Rehab Unit Ready to Help Stark County (OH) Firefighters

The Repository took a closer look at the rehab unit standing by to assist Stark County (OH) firefighters.

Train in Brooklyn Crash Traveling Twice the Speed Limit

Official says commuter train erratically changed speeds before crash.


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