Chicago FW

WI Engine Co. Seeks to Build Community Rapport

Milwaukee Engine Company 13 tries to build relationship after last summer's riots.

Paul Combs


Comply, or else!
STAY FIRED UP, and follow the code!

Hazmat Nation

Baltimore Fire Responds to CO Leak.

Hazmat Nation covers a Baltimore reponse to a CO leak at an area Marriott hotel.

Rescuing Providence

Get a Job!

Michael Morse offers tips for a retired firefighter to crush the job hunt.

Tiger Schmittendorf

Drugs are Killing Me

Forget racial tensions, generational or societal stereotypes. Drug addiction may be the hallmark, the moniker, the legacy and the time-stamp of our generation, writes Tiger Schmittendorf

Ryan Pennington

Stepping up with Frank Viscuso

Podcast host Ryan Pennington welcomes Deputy Chief Frank Viscuso to the Jumpseat.

Mick Mayers

Just Be Brave

Mick Mayers give a shout-out to those who face challenges every day and still find ways to move forward and motivate others.

Wildland Firefighter

Mojave River Brush Fire

Firefighters attack and flank two acres of burning grasses in this video.

701 University Avenue Fire

Chris Naum provides lessons from the fireground on the 39th anniversary of the 701 University Ave fire in Syracuse, NY.

Bill Carey

Nevada State Forrester Resigns After Wildfire Review

Bill Carey writes about a forester resigning after an October wildfire destroyed 23 homes south of Reno, Nev.

Eric Lamar

Arlington, Seen and Heard

Eric Lamar takes you on a guided tour of the Arlington Cemetery in his Turnout Blog.

Ben Peetz

Three Dead in Boiler Explosion

Ben Peetz details a boiler explosion in St. Louis that killed three and injured four others.

Smart Shear Walls

John Shafer takes a look at smart shear walls in his latest blog.

Carl Waggett

Do You Remember Getting the Call?

Carl Waggett offers a PTSD story about getting his first job in the fire service and how it changed everything. And how that moment can still help your mental well-being when the stress from the job seems overwhelming.


The Leadership Handbook

The No Exceptions Leadership book by Jason Hoevelmann provides quick and simple leadership ideas and anecdotes. A great reference for aspiring and current fire officers and leaders.


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