You Are a Hero, Act Like One

These same kids grow up and do one of two things, become a firefighter themselves or continue to hold a place in their heart for the fire department. The trust of firefighters that is instilled in the young innocent mind of a child carries on into adulthood.


Today’s fire service has many avenues to help cope with mental health.  From organized Firefighter Assistance Teams (FAST) to employer based Employee Assistance Programs (EAP).  We all must seek these avenues of help if life or our job is just too much to take.

Eliminating Write-Offs

How many more videos will we watch and wonder why more isn't being done on the fireground. Is the fire service writing off more fires as losing propositions then necessary? If so, why is that?

Line of Duty Deaths – Learn, Live, & Never Forget, 2018

The calendar for 2018 represents the game film of the fire service.  Incidents that have forever changed a department, a community, and many families.   Incidents that we as the Fire Service promised we would never forget.

Fire EMS Casualties of War

We have the resources to develop, condition and maintain a state of healthy well-being in emergency services personnel. It’s not rocket science. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it must be comprehensive.

Mayday Monday: Resolutions for Firefighter Survival

See more of these from Fire Engineering

Are You 'In it'?

We need more of the “into the job” type of people to maintain our departments the way they have been for years. The fire service is fighting an uphill battle, from the numbers of members declining to budget cuts etc. We need people to carry on and fight for what we have and what we do.

Affordable Placebo

Every firefighter organization should have support of these bills paramount on their agenda. Firefighters all agree that how we treat people defines our culture. We all agree that “We leave no one behind,” and we recognize the truth in “What is just is what is proportionate.”

One Out of 93

2017 ended with a rise in fatalities compared to past years. However, the rise was not due to firefighters killed inside burning structures. As we look forward through this year we must seriously ask if we are truly concerned about reducing the other fatalities and what steps, revised, renewed or brand new, need to be taken.

Community Firehouses as Summer Internship Sites

We are in the community service industry.  It takes individuals to build and sustain that community.  

Considering Funeral Differences

Brent Jones asks, should there be a difference between LODD and others?

Firefighter Leadership:
Throughout Probation and Beyond

Series from Chris Baker on taking charge of yourself

David Polikoff

The Job. The Calling. My Short Story.

Contributor David Polikoff shares how he got started.

Firefighter Basics

Access and Egress

"Throw ladders until you run out of them or windows..." Has this battle cry helped or hurt the fire service?.

Chicago FW

Chicago Fire Dept. Off-Duty Death

Chicago Fire Department Office of Fire Investigations Chief Michael V. Murphy passes away.

Tiger Schmittendorf

Drugs are Killing Me

Forget racial tensions, generational or societal stereotypes. Drug addiction may be the hallmark, the moniker, the legacy and the time-stamp of our generation, writes Tiger Schmittendorf

Mick Mayers

Just Be Brave

Mick Mayers give a shout-out to those who face challenges every day and still find ways to move forward and motivate others.

Firefighter entering attic via ladder

Primary Search Is Negative

Everyone has to know the plan and what is expected, writes Dave LeBlanc.

Seattle Vault Fires

Seattle Vault Fires Review

Captain Chris Greene shares an after-action report of two unique fires.

Wildland Firefighter

DC-10 Tanker Heads to Okefenokee Wildfire

Wildfire has burned 220 square miles since April 6.

Bill Carey

Nevada State Forrester Resigns After Wildfire Review

Bill Carey writes about a forester resigning after an October wildfire destroyed 23 homes south of Reno, Nev.

Ben Peetz

Three Dead in Boiler Explosion

Ben Peetz details a boiler explosion in St. Louis that killed three and injured four others.

Carl Waggett

Do You Remember Getting the Call?

Carl Waggett offers a PTSD story about getting his first job in the fire service and how it changed everything. And how that moment can still help your mental well-being when the stress from the job seems overwhelming.

Hose stream on house fire

Art of Being a Fire Officer

Strive to take your skills as a fire officer to the level of an art form, writers Kirk Galatas.

Firefighter with a helmet

A New Way to Train

Save the SCBA and still have a high-impact training

Michael DeStefano

How to Handle the Rogue Firefighter

Unleash the rogue in your department, Michael DeStefano writes.

Rescuing Providence

The Secret Lives of Firefighters

Five stresses firefighters deal with that others don’t know about.

Paul Combs


Comply, or else!
STAY FIRED UP, and follow the code!

Ryan Pennington

Stepping up with Frank Viscuso

Podcast host Ryan Pennington welcomes Deputy Chief Frank Viscuso to the Jumpseat.


The Leadership Handbook

The No Exceptions Leadership book by Jason Hoevelmann provides quick and simple leadership ideas and anecdotes. A great reference for aspiring and current fire officers and leaders.

Joe Pronesti

A Main Street Success Story

Joe Pronesti on how training paid off at a Kentucky fire.

Hazmat Nation

Buzz Blog

Kevin Ryan takes a quick look around the hazmat scene.

701 University Avenue Fire

Chris Naum provides lessons from the fireground on the 39th anniversary of the 701 University Ave fire in Syracuse, NY.

Eric Lamar

Arlington, Seen and Heard

Eric Lamar takes you on a guided tour of the Arlington Cemetery in his Turnout Blog.

Smart Shear Walls

John Shafer takes a look at smart shear walls in his latest blog.


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