Rhoda Mae Kerr

Rhoda Mae Kerr is fire chief of the Austin Fire Department.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2011
  • The AFD has come to rely on a software product called QlikView for easy access to the hard data they need to monitor operational performance. This business intelligence reporting system is simple and effective and allows transparency because everyone can see everyone else’s numbers. Photo Courtesy AFD

    Numbers Spark Improvements at Austin Fire Department

    In today’s budget climate, fire departments must be able to justify their use of funds. To do this, departments need mechanism for tracking various metrics. But this isn’t all fire chief-level stuff—the Austin Fire Department has had success using metrics at the company level. (May 3, 2011) READ THIS ARTICLE

    Tags: Technology
  • Sunday, May 1, 2011
  • AFD personnel now use QlikView’s Operations Dashboard to monitor four key measures: NFIRS report completion, CE completion, inspection completion and turnout and response time.  (Photo Courtesy Austin Fire Department)

    By the Numbers

    Research conducted in UL’s Northbrook, Ill., facilities examined fire service ventilation practices, combined with fire behavior involving modern home construction and furnishings. The conclusion: There are major changes happening in the residential fire environment and, as such, firefighters need to reexamine their tactics, especially those related to ventilation. (May 16, 2011) READ THIS ARTICLE


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