NAFECO and LION Announce Partnership to Distribute First Responder Training Equipment


DAYTON, OH –  In an effort to improve fire department training customer support and coverage in the southern U.S., NAFECO and LION are partnering to distribute first responder training equipment.  

LION is the largest family-owned manufacturer of first responder personal protective equipment (PPE) in the United States. The company’s PPE offering includes high-performance turnout gear, rescue wear, fire helmets, fire helmets, fire gloves, body armor, station uniforms and chem-bio garments. Additionally, LION TotalCare® provides first responders with professional PPE cleaning, repair and inspection services, while LION First Responder Training Equipment (FRTE) products offer realistic, scalable, repeatable, and safe first responder training solutions. From state-of-the-art digital fire training tools to live-fire training props and custom builds, LION FRTE covers a large spectrum of fire department training needs.  

NAFECO, a major first responder head-to-toe protection distributor, carries a wide range of products such as firefighting equipment, PPE, uniforms, law enforcement equipment, EMS supplies, and industry-related specialty gifts and custom-made fire apparatus. In partnership with LION, NAFECO is expanding their product offering to include LION’s extensive fire training suite.   

“LION is excited to expand our partnership with NAFECO,” explains Mark Smith, Senior V.P. of LION. “We’ve been working together for 40 years, and the addition of our First Responder Training Equipment line to their product portfolio will allow us to expand on our mission of protecting those who protect us.”   

Interested in learning more about the offerings included in the LION fire training product portfolio? Visit the LION website,

, to learn more.


About LION

Founded in 1898 and headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, LION is a family-owned company with a legacy and ongoing vision of introducing new products and services designed to ensure the health, safety and performance of the first responders worldwide. From game-changing personal protective equipment (PPE) and professional gear maintenance to state-of-the-art fire safety training solutions, LION's mission is to ensure that firefighters are ready for action − before, during and after. To learn more, visit


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