Washington Firefighters Punished for House Fire Rescue

Washington Firefighters Punished for House Fire Rescue
The two-man engine company heard cries coming from the garage when they arrived at this February 2018 house fire. (WCNC)

CAMAS, Wash. (WCNC) – The Camas-Washougal Fire Department said it was issued a safety violation on Thursday by the Washington Department of Labor and Industries after firefighters chose to save someone’s life earlier this year. KGW first reported about the fire department’s predicament in March.

FirefighterNation: Washington Firefighters Break Law to Save a Life

On Feb. 14, two firefighters with the department responded to a house fire on Prune Hill in Camas. When the city standard two-person crew engine arrived, firefighters heard cries for help coming from the garage. By state law, there needs to be three firefighters on scene before they enter a building.

But firefighter Adam Brice said the crew really had no choice. “There were two firefighters that entered the structure they shouldn't have gone into,” Brice told KGW in March. “But we're firefighters and you can't send firefighters to a fire and have someone banging on a door and expect us to just sit outside and do nothing.”

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