FDIC 2018: It’s All About the Saws


Scott Kleinschmidt
Wichita Fire Department

Tuesday, April 23, 2018 1:00 a.m.  - 5:00 p.m.


This comprehensive hands-on class takes participants through a series of in-depth skill stations that addressed everything about the saw. Participants learn by disassembling and assembling fire service chain and rotary saws and becoming acquainted with industry recommendations for cleaning, trouble shooting, and repairing. Tips to ensure maximum performance and longevity of equipment through proper fuel usage and break-in procedures are covered. Emphasis is on starting procedures that minimize stress on the tool, cold vs. hot starts, safe body positioning, and mechanics. Safe and efficient saw techniques are taught based on tactical objectives. Vertical and horizontal ventilation along with forcible entry and rapid intervention team props are used in team-based tactical scenarios to acclimate participants to these techniques.              

Subject Matter Expert Instructors will lead participants through an in depth saw training course that is very seldom delivered inside of most organizations. Designed to maximize participant involvement in how to disassemble, clean, repair, and properly reassemble a saw, with training that requires the participant to physically break down and reassemble units. Through various skill stations the participant will rotate through a variety of both operational and maintenance related scenarios. Students will gain personal knowledge and team performance on the fire ground when working with saws. Skill stations that challenge the participant in maintenance, forcible entry, roof ventilation, RIT operations and downed trees.

Learning Objectives

Procedures and industry recommended practices in:

  • Proper Break in of new saws
  • Safe and Proper Starting procedures
  • Trouble shooting
  • Disassembling and cleaning
  • Fuel recommendations
  • Blade maintenance

Saw selection, techniques, and safety considerations for:

  • Forcible Entry of security bars, roll up doors, and security locks
  • Ventilation of flat and peaked roof materials
  • Storm debris removal
  • RIT/Collapse involving concrete/masonry


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