Indiana Firefighter Struck and Killed by Intoxicated Firefighter

Indiana Firefighter Struck and Killed by Intoxicated Firefighter
(Indiana State Police photo)

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky – An Indiana firefighter was killed Friday night after being struck by a vehicle driven by another firefighter according to Indiana State Police.

WDRB reports that a volunteer firefighter was struck while at the scene of a motor vehicle accident by another responding firefighter who was intoxicated.

The crash occurred before 10:00 p.m. on Old Highway 50 west of County Road 800 in Daviess County.

Daviess County Sheriff’s Department deputies and firefighters from Montgomery and Cannelburg fire departments responded to the scene.  Three firefighters arrived in their own personal vehicles.

Colby Blake, 26, from Cannelburg, approached the scene and struck the rear of a truck that was park along the side of the road. Blake’s vehicle then continued, striking a vehicle belonging to Kendall Murphy, 27, of Montgomery and striking Murphy as well.

Blake’s vehicle came to a stop after striking Murphy and hitting a third vehicle belonging to another firefighter.

Murphy was pronounced dead at the scene according to police.

Blake, uninjured, had a blood alcohol level of 0.21 percent.  He is being charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated causing death and reckless driving.

He is being held at the Daviess County Security Center. The incident remains under investigation.



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