Rosenbauer Avenger

(Photo by Rosenbauer.)

Rosenbauer America is no stranger to incorporating new technology into fire apparatus design. It seems like in the past five years new innovations have been forthcoming for the American fire service.

The Avenger series of apparatus is the latest in their introduction to the American fire service. Aside from its futuristic looking design, if you look further you will see some innovative creativity.

Let’s look at what this new chassis has going for it. In the cab, there is adjustable crew seating forward facing seats tracking, making it easy to configure the crew area. You can add EMS compartments and remove seats or add seats in the future if fire department needs change. There is also full crew area HVAC, with improved performance, more CFM air flow, and better cooling for firefighters.

One of the most requested areas of concern for fire apparatus purchasers is an extreme duty interior. No plastic is used; instead, it has Line-X interior spray with an aluminum rear wall and aluminum dash and engine tunnel. Not only will this help with wear and tear on the inside of the cab but it looks good as well.

The chassis has a front axle made by Hendrickson with its Steertek brand, with capacity up to 24,000 lbs. It also has a parabolic front suspension as standard.

Driver comforts contain suspended pedals which are easier to reach, with dirt and moisture not collecting around the base of the pedals. There is also a new steering column with integrated windshield wiper controls. Industry leading hip room for the driver and officer meets the hip room standard which is in the NFPA Annex A.14.1.3. Large seats are standard.

The module console and tunnel design are easy to configure to the needs of each department and readily accessible for both driver and officer. Items that the driver needs to access are within easy reach, which limits the need to take their eyes of the road.

Last but not least is corrosion resistance with new body fenderettes that help prevent corrosion around the wheel wells and a glued in canopy window which will help prevent the deal and possible corrosion around the canopy window.

The vehicle can be ordered with Rosenbauer’s N and NH series pumps, its idle reduction technology, and Firetruck body styles (EXT, FX, and CT)

Pretty impressive to say the least. I can’t wait to see which department in the United States is the first to order one. If it is as successful as the Commander chassis that was released several years ago, I don’t think Rosenbauer will have anything to worry about.


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