Los Angeles, Hyde Park House Fire


Loudlabs - HYDE PARK - A man and a woman died this morning in a fire at a two-story home in the Hyde Park area of Los Angeles, authorities said.

The greater alarm blaze inside the 3600-square-foot home at 4245 W. 62nd St. was reported at 1:40 a.m., the fire department's Shawn Lenske said. It's greater alarm status was triggered by more than 75 firefighters being dispatched to fight the fire.

A woman believed to be about 80 years old and a man believed to be about 50 died in the fire, Lenske said.
According to emergency transmissions from the scene, the deceased man may have gone back into the burning house to rescue the woman who may have been his mother.

The department dispatched 78 firefighters to the scene. They needed 49 minutes to knock down the flames, Lenske said.
Arson investigators have been called to the scene.``It's standard procedure to have arson investigators sent to the scene whenever there is a fatality,'' Lenske said.


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