Fire Apparatus Likely Totaled in Concord (MA) Fire Station

Early Wednesday morning, Concord firefighters had to call for help to fight a two-alarm fire that started at their own station in West Concord. 

Alarms went off in the 1201 Main St. station around 12:45 a.m., waking three firefighters who were on the second floor, according to Fire Capt. William Noke. They escaped and called the main station for help.

He said the fire appeared to start on the fire apparatus floor, heavily damaging one fire truck. Three other vehicles were damaged by smoke but are expected to be cleaned, repaired and returned to service, Noke said.

Firefighters from Sudbury, Maynard, Lincoln, Weston, Bedford and Carlisle provided mutual aid, he said.


While it seems an odd occurrence, Noke said the previous West Concord fire station, formerly on Church Street, was damaged in a similar fashion about 90 years ago. That station burned down while fire companies assisted Lincoln with a brush fire, leading to the construction of the current West Concord station, he said.


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