FDNY Adds Nine Names to WTC Illness Memorial: September

FDNY Adds Nine Names to WTC Illness Memorial

The FDNY paused on Sept. 6 to remember nine FDNY members who died from illnesses related to their work at the World Trade Center site.

Their names were added to the 55 already on the World Trade Center Memorial Wall at FDNY Headquarters, which was unveiled in September 2011 to remember all such victims.

“These nine FDNY members are representative of the best this job has ever had to offer,” Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano said. “We continue to remember them for their selfless actions, courage in the face of illness and incredible strength even up to their final moments. We will never be able to thank them enough.”

The added names included Deputy Chief William Guido, Marine Division; Capt. Sheldon Barocas, Engine 251; Capt. Emilio Longo, Ladder 110; Lt. Andrew Borgese, Engine 326; Lt. Mark McKay, Ladder 45; Lt. Robert Stegmeier, Ladder 127; FF Raymond Ragucci, Engine 5; FF Martin Simmons, Ladder 111; and FF Virginia Spinelli, Engine 329.

Family members placed white roses on a table in front of the Memorial Wall as their loved ones names were dedicated.

“We will never forget those who made a sacrifice as part of the FDNY,” Chief of Department Edward Kilduff said. “As sorrowful as today is, it’s also wonderful in the sense that we get to honor those who helped at the World Trade Center – who did their job well.”


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