Red Guide to Recovery Launches Free Property Inventory "Memory Jogger": July

Red Guide to Recovery Launches Free Property Inventory "Memory Jogger"

In the wake of more recent news of natural disasters, such as the devastating fires in Colorado, Sean Scott, the San Diego based author of The Red Guide to Recovery - Resource Handbook for Disaster Survivors, has announced the launch of the “Personal Property Memory Jogger” -- a free disaster preparedness and recovery tool designed to help property owners prepare a comprehensive property inventory in the event of a catastrophic incident.

The Memory Jogger was designed to be used to compile an inventory of personal property prior to a disaster and establish a replacement value, helping families determine the amount of insurance coverage needed to replace items in the event of a loss. The tool is a pre-populated Excel spreadsheet with over 5000 household items, broken down into a room-by-room format. Once downloaded, the user has the option to delete items that may not apply and/or add items that may not appear on the list.

Now available as a free download at, the Memory Jogger serves as a stand alone, personal property template tool or as an ideal companion to the The Red Guide to Recovery eBook or Mobile App (available at the Apple App Store).

“After a disaster, one of the most daunting tasks for a homeowner or renter can be creating an inventory of all the personal belongings that were damaged or destroyed,” said Scott. “People are required to provide an inventory to their insurance adjuster in order to be compensated for the items that were lost. Imagine trying to recall every item you had in your home and creating an inventory from scratch, when you have no photos, receipts, or documentation. We’re very proud to be able to offer this resource to help people in these scary and stressful situations. We decided to make the tool available as a free download on our website because we feel it is so essential for every property owner to have.”

The Red Guide to Recovery's tools and resources compile Scott’s 30-plus years of construction and restoration experience coupled with exhaustive research on available resources and information from relief organizations such as the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army, Government agencies such as FEMA and the SBA and fire department safety and emergency management experts.

Scott encourages fire departments and emergency management agencies to provide a link to the Red Guide website so communities stricken by disasters will have easy access to the Memory Jogger and other recovery resources.

For more information on The Red Guide to Recovery app or book, the Memory Jogger, or to learn more about disaster preparedness or recovery information in general, visit the Red Guide’s interactive, constantly updated website, at

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