Maryland Man Rescued from House Fire by Neighbors : February

Maryland Man Rescued from House Fire by Neighbors

TEMPLE HILLS, Md. ( - On the 911 call, Donna Musser knows there isn't much time to save her husband. She yells into the phone, "I got an invalid in here and my upstairs is on fire. Help me!”

Gene Ward was hearing the cries for help. He lives right next door. The Mussers have lived on Beaumont Street in Temple Hills for about 50 years.

"They're like a second dad and mom to me," Ward says.

So Ward jumped the fence from his yard to their yard. Donna Musser and her adult son had gotten out. Her husband, Jim, who is mostly bedridden, was trapped inside.

"Only thing going in my head is I got to get him out of here because I don't want nothing to happen to this man," says Ward.

He rushed into the burning house.

"I knew I couldn't pick him up, so I grabbed his legs and told him to take one step at a time and hold on to my shoulder," says Ward.

Soon, another neighbor ran into the burning house.

"He ran over and gave me a hand,” says Ward. “I was so glad.”

Darlene Townsend happened to be visiting on the street where she grew up Sunday night. To her, the Mussers are extended family.

"You couldn't ask for better people," says Townsend, who happens to be an EMT. "I knew that there were three people that resided there and I was counting heads."

People say what is remarkable is that it wasn't just one person or two or even three people. Everybody rushed out the front door wanting to help.

"The jackets, the blankets, just the support. People hugging the family and just being there. It was unreal," says Townsend.

Josh Allison lives in Petersburg, Va. He rushed through the snow on I-95 Sunday night to get to his grandparents.

"I'm probably going get a ticket in the mail," he laughs.

Still, he is a thankful grandson.

"I'm 100 percent grateful. I'm speechless actually," says Allison.

His uncle and grandfather are still in the hospital.

"He's got the smoke in his lungs. My Grandma - she's my Grandma. She's still Donna May," he says.

Back on Beaumont Street, they are waiting for their neighbors to get well and come back home.


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