Firefighting Makes List of Most Stressful Jobs

For the second year in a row, firefighting has made the list of the most stressful jobs, as identified by This year, firefighting came in at number two; last year, the list was broken into white collar and blue collar jobs, and firefighting topped the list of most stressful blue collar jobs. The annual survey rates 200 different professions in terms of work environment, job competitiveness and risk.

CareerCast noted that “the five most stressful jobs all involve peril and significant hazards.” Enlisted Military Soldier topped out Firefighter, followed by Airline Pilot, Military General and Police Officer. CareerCast noted that firefighters not only take on dangerous and complex fires that can be life-threatening, but must also deal with hazardous materials.

The complete list follows. For more information, visit’s 10 Most Stressful Jobs of 2012

  1. Enlisted Military Soldier - Average Income $35,580
  2. Firefighter - Average Income $45,250
  3. Airline Pilot - Average Income $103,210
  4. Military General - Average Income $196,300
  5. Police Officer - Average Income $53,540
  6. Event Coordinator - Average Income $45,260
  7. Public Relations Executive - Average Income $91,810
  8. Corporate Executive (Senior) - Average Income $165,830
  9. Photojournalist - Average Income $40,000
  10. Taxi Driver - Average Income $22,440


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