FDNY Firefighter Accused of Having Mob Ties

Federal prosecutors say a New York City firefighter facing drug charges has ties to the Bonanno crime family.

Anthony Cilento, 27, of Brooklyn, faces 20 years in prison for allegedly working for a cocaine delivery service before becoming a firefighter in 2008, the New York Daily News reported.

Court papers allege he continued to work for alleged mobsters, the newspaper said.

"The defendant's relationship with the Bonanno family is corroborated by consensual recordings made ... over a full year into his service to the New York City Fire Department," Assistant U.S. Attorney Nicole Argerentieri wrote in court papers.

Prosecutors allege Cilento committed "a litany of crimes on behalf of the Bonanno family, including extortion, illegal gambling and violent assaults with a lead pipe and firearms."


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